Best Web Hosting for Developers [Updated for 2022]

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With the market’s rising need for beginner-friendly web hosting, an increasing number of hosting companies are offering services to appeal to novices.

In this scenario, web developers may need to delve deeper to discover an optimal web hosting service capable of resolving their needs.

Fortunately, there are still a decent number of web hosting services available that offer developer-friendly hosting, providing all the necessary hardware and software for developers to leverage their web development projects.

Keep reading to discover the best type of web hosting for developers and more!

hosting for developers

Key Takeaways

  • Developer-friendly hosting lets you test and run code in your preferred programming languages, and it’s optimized for development environments.
  • When choosing the best developer-friendly hosting, look out for:
    • Framework compatibility
    • Reliability
    • Scalability
    • Security
    • Debugging support
  • The best hosting types for web developers are:
    • Shared hosting
    • Dedicated hosting
    • Cloud hosting

What is Developer-Friendly Hosting?

Naturally, developers demand better performance from their hosting than other users. That’s because as a developer, you’ll need a larger arsenal of server resources and adequate control over them.

Developer-friendly hosting enables you to test and run code in the programming languages of your choice, as well as enjoy advanced performance control while executing your code.

Unfortunately, many hosting plans are incapable of meeting these requirements. A shared hosting package, for example, does not provide the amount of RAM, storage space, or bandwidth required to meet the requirements of developers.

To choose the best developer-friendly hosting, look for the following features:

#1. Framework Compatibility

As a developer, the first thing to look for in a web server is support for your favorite development frameworks.

Developer-friendly hosting should allow you to seamlessly integrate all your preferred frameworks, such as Django, Rails, Spring, Javascript, Angular, React, etc.

Look for web hosting that can support any frameworks you are using on a daily basis.

#2. Reliability

Reliability is one of the key features of a developer-friendly hosting service. That’s because reliability ensures top-notch server performance and high server availability.

As a developer, you want your web hosting service to be as powerful as possible. A powerful and fast hosting solution allows you to run your code without any crashes, glitches, and other inconveniences that may result in server downtime.

For this reason, you want to look for a reliable hosting service that guarantees uptime with a service-level agreement (SLA). This ensures that your hosting provider can find a better solution for you if they can’t meet their uptime standards.

So, for example, if your hosting provider guarantees 99.99% uptime but can’t deliver it, they may offer you a different, more robust hosting solution. Alternatively, they may reduce the price of your hosting service.

#3. Scalability

Scalability is a necessary hosting feature for developers. That’s because as a developer, you want to be able to test your app performance under different circumstances (e.g. a large amount of incoming traffic).

For this reason, you want a hosting service that can easily scale to help you emulate different use cases. Server scaling, for example, allows you to test how your app would perform with thousands of users at the same time.

One of the best solutions for developers, thus, is using a hosting service that provides automatic scaling. Using cloud servers allows you to scale your server quickly and easily to meet your requirements. As such, you don’t have to contact the hosting provider for an upgrade.

#4. Security

Security is another feature that developers must not overlook. You don’t want the personal information of your clients or their intellectual property to be compromised. So, only choose host providers that can offer the greatest degree of security.

Look for hosting providers that bundle DDoS protection, firewalls, SSL certificates, and other security features to help you safeguard your hosted apps.

#5. Debugging

Developers working on projects continually test the code they write. This process includes debugging the code. Debugging means detecting and correcting flaws in code.

Debugging often imposes high resource usage. Therefore, you’ll need hosting that can support debugging code of any complexity.

Having solid hosting enables developers to patch bugs quickly and push out updates to all users in no time.

Hosting for Front-End Vs Back-End Development

hosting for developers

When picking a web host, it’s crucial to consider what you’ll be using the server for.

If you’re working on an application’s front-end, you’ll largely use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Working on front-end development doesn’t use as many resources, since this code is lighter.

On the other hand, working on the back-end development of a web application requires higher resource usage to execute complex code.

You’ll also be working with external databases that might contain lots of data, and you need a powerful server that can process it.

Depending on the type of web development you’re working with, you should make sure that your hosting solution has enough hardware resources to support your applications.

Best Hosting Types for Web Developers

Here are the best types of web hosting for developers along with their advantages and disadvantages:

#1. Shared Hosting

Hundreds of people or businesses utilize shared hosting to host online services. It is the most affordable web hosting type on the market, making it ideal for startups.

Even if you don’t have any technical experience, shared hosting servers are simple to get started with. However, they might not benefit developers much.

With shared hosting, all of the server hardware is shared among hundreds of users. As a result, the performance of everyone’s hosted services can be impacted by just one user. This isn’t ideal for developers who need exceptional performance for testing apps.

You also get limited administrative capabilities and cannot modify all software parameters with shared hosting. Furthermore, shared hosting is not secure since any user hosting on the same server might compromise the security of all users.

#2. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly the greatest type of web hosting, having significant benefits over other hosting options.

Dedicated servers are an excellent hosting choice for developers since they can support hosting large websites or web apps with expanding user bases. Furthermore, you can fully customize a dedicated server, obtain root access, and more!

However, this type of hosting is significantly more expensive than shared web hosting. The cost of a dedicated server starts from $100/month.

#3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud dedicated servers offer all of the advantages of cloud computing while running on single-tenant hardware dedicated just to your hosted services.

Cloud hosting, which is powered by bare-metal servers, enables you to access as many resources as you require from the cloud network. This feature allows you to scale your hosted services in a flexible manner.

Therefore, cloud dedicated servers are the best hosting alternative for developers.

Want to learn more about the differences between shared and dedicated servers? Check out our post on the main differences between shared and dedicated servers!

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Hosting for Developers FAQ

#1. What are the best 3 types of web hosting?

Generally, the 3 types of web hosting that are considered the best for developers include:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting
  3. Cloud hosting

#2. How do I choose a web host?

When choosing web hosting for development, you should:

  1. Make a list of your needs.
  2. Find out how the hosting provider handles downtime.
  3. Check the hosting provider’s refund policy and guarantees.
  4. Know what upgrade options you have.
  5. Choose the most suitable payment plan.

#3. How do I choose a web hosting provider?

When choosing a web hosting provider, you should:

  • Know what your app’s or website’s needs are
  • Make sure the offered server is reliable and has high uptime
  • Confirm the subscription period and payment plan
  • Confirm the host’s policy and guarantees
  • Know what your options for upgrades are

#4. Is cloud hosting better than shared hosting?

In most cases, cloud hosting outperforms shared hosting primarily because:

  • It’s scalable and can accommodate any hosting requirements
  • It’s more reliable because it runs on a network of servers
  • It offers a utility-based pricing model, so you pay only for the computing resources you use

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