About RedSwitches

Where your hosting challenges
meet their solutions.

Anyone can buy a powerful server.

And we do that, for sure. In fact, we have thousands of them. But while we take great pride in our
hardware and the quality and speed of our networks, our real passion is helping businesses like yours
find solutions for your most critical business problems

From our help desk staff to our infrastructure engineers, everyone at RedSwitches shares a singular
goal: making your hosting experience as easy as possible, so that you can focus on your core business. If
we're doing our job well, then you shouldn't need to contact us often. But when you do, we're always
here to help.

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8 Global

Data Center Locations

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20 minute

Help Desk

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Our story is the story of our customers

In less than 10 years, RedSwitches has grown from a small university
bedroom into a global business, with raving customers, infrastructure in 8
locations and high-speed access to the entire world. Sometimes it blows our

So, how did we do it? One customer at a time.

Our customers are designers, developers, entrepreneurs, e-retailers,
streaming services, SaaS companies and more. They need service that is
fast, reliable and cost-efficient.

So, we help them get what they need-- servers, service or advice-- to give
them the confidence that their apps, websites and services will function
reliably, while they're focused on what they do best.

Every time one of these companies succeeds in meeting their goals, that
adds another piece to our story. Of course we're proud of what we've
accomplished. But when we look back, it is clear that our success was built
on a foundation of helping our customers succeed.

That's why RedSwitches customers know that they can count on us to
provide the best and most attentive service in the hosting industry--
because without their success, we don't succeed.

Come join us. And let's build your business together.

Additional features for startups

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Responsive Support

You'll receive a real, live person manning our support 24 hours a day via chat, phone and email. We average less than 20 minutes for the first response to a help desk ticket.

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Expert Advice

Our engineers will help you find or create the best solution for your hosting needs for all your projects. We love a challenge--so
bring it on!

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Worry-free Management

Our managed solutions go beyond what other companies offer. From proactive monitoring to backups and performance optimization, we take complete responsibility for your servers

Come see why our customers love working with us!

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Review Section

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