Develop quicker.

Deploy faster.

Scale instantly.

Save time and money.

Pain-free application development

PaaS lets you choose from ready-to-go environments for Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET and Docker.

You get one-click access to popular application servers, load balancers and databases. Plus, pre-configured clusters for popular platforms like WordPress, Magento and more.

Set up your stack in minutes and access all the additional resources you need for development, without wasting time and money on managing the infrastructure.

Pay less and scale automatically.

The revolutionary pricing system lets you set usage limits to cover your traffic spikes while only paying for the resources that you use.
Traditional cloud providers make you pay for the upper limit of your resources, even if you never actually use all that power. With RedSwitches PaaS powered by Jelastic, you only pay for what you use.
Save up to 75% while maintaining the same availability of resources plus adding the ability to scale automatically with demand.

So easy a child could do it

Setting up Cloud servers shouldn't be fun, right? Our user-friendly interface is so intuitive and easy to manage the cloud instances that it almost feels that way. Literally anyone can learn to use it in minutes.

Want to set your horizontal scalability? Just slide the button to the right until you have the RAM and CPU limits that you want.

Need to add a Wordpress cluster? Deploy a new server in Europe? Just point and click.

There's a zero learning curve. And if you do have questions, we're here to help 24 hours a day.

From development to server managment,
PaaS helps you get the most out of your cloud

Accelerated development

Provide your development team with the software and database resources they need to allow them to focus on building your app, without worrying about infrastructure.

Rapid deployment

Bring your existing code into the pre-configured PaaS environment and go live within seconds. No code changes necessary.

Truly simple interface

Simple interactive dashboard with colorful buttons and easy sliders. Choose environments, add servers, adjust levels and deploy your servers in just minutes.

Auto Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Add memory and CPU automatically based on demand. Flex from one node to multiple nodes seamlessly according to the parameters you choose.

Pay only for what you use

Most cloud services make you pay for maximum resource limits, even if you don't use them. With RedSwitches PaaS, pay only for the resources you use each hour.

Multi-cloud & multi-datacenter

Geo-select from datacenters to improve performance or meet client security requirements. Integrate with external cloud providers (AWS, Azure & others) seamlessly.

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