Redswitches Global Network

Redswitches' secure and responsive global network, with servers on 5 continents, provides exceptional connectivity to the entire world. Continuous monitoring, network optimization and direct connections with the world's most important carriers, create an ultra-efficient and stable environment for hosting projects of any size.

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5.5 Tbps

Network Capacity

8 Global

Data Center Locations

10GE &100GE

Port Speeds

12 Tier 1

Network Carriers

High-capacity and high-accessibility, worldwide

Redswitches' network blows others away when it comes to the tremendous bandwidth and lightning fast speed. We monitor the network at every moment to ensure uninterrupted data transfer and unparalleled performance.

Unshared Transfer Ports

Choose from 1 GE, 2 GE, 10GE or 20 GE Ports with 100% dedicated bandwidth

Enterprise Bandwidth

Global Premium and Enterprise Grade bandwidth available

Private Networking

All data transfer between servers in the same data center is always free.

IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses

All servers include one IPv4 address. Additional addresses can be purchased

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Our world-class data centers

It's your server, so it should do what you want it to. Add all the options you need to optimize performance and have your server ready to go from the very first moment.

Real-time Monitoring Services

Continuous Server Monitoring

Server uptime is monitored continually. Network alerts are sent automatically via email.

Responsive Routing

Our systems monitor all traffic continually and route traffic automatically to optimize network.

DDoS Protection

All servers include 5Gbps DDoS protection, standard*. Upgraded protection is available.

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