India's Largest Public Educational Institution Gets the Scale it Deserves


Backdrop of the Project

Who knew exams could be taken at the comfort of ones home? But it did happen and for the better. Critical assessments, such as graduation exams, post-graduation exams, and even MBA assessments could now be taken online. If this is not the boon that digitalisation has bestowed upon students and universities, we dont know what is!
The normal momentum to online education was further intensified during the times of COVID-19. The compound annual growth rate of adoption of online mode of education increased drastically and our client as well saw the rise in conversions.

When we say our client, we are talking about Indias largest private institution for online examination, homing multiple colleges pan India. Being Indias largest private institution for online examination comes with its own perks and drawbacks. In this case study, we will explore how RedSwitches offered the much-needed managed bare-metal dedicated server to handle the volume.

Obstacles on the Path

Efficiency comes at a cost. When we are talking about efficiency of a server, we need to talk about a huge hole in the pocket. Our client faced the same challenge while facilitating online exams for 5k-10k concurrent users.

Despite spending large capital on dedicated servers, our client wasnt able to get the required quality. Since critical exams need critical attention and support, their then used server wasnt reliable and could crash any time, which was not even the last thing our client needed in their pace of growth. During their time of struggle, they came to know about RedSwitches specialisation in managed bare-metal dedicated servers and appointed us as their server partner.

Our Solution

As soon as we were given a brief about the private institution and the challenge, we put our best resources to understand the requirement thoroughly. During our analysis, we could conclude that the client was at a junction, where they needed a clear roadmap with their server. Fluctuations in the efficiency of the server could create a big impact on the working ability of the website and could lead to a high churn rate.

As a part of our solution, we designed a plan through our managed bare-metal dedicated server expertise. Since our client required to sit around 5k to 10k users, we further enhanced the capacity to 12k users at a time.

In addition to this, our experts have developed a cluster using a cloud-load balancer. Besides this, we have also set up the backup services for ensuring seamless business continuity.

Business Benefit

Using our managed bare-metal dedicated server specialisation services, our client was able to get affordable server management. Once efficiency kicked in the business, our client was able to save around 40% of working-capital/month.

With improved support and performance, our client was able to attract new students to scale their infrastructure.

Comments Shared by Our Client

Head IT

We could never imagine quality at an affordable price. But RedSwitches helped us realise that. Previously, we were simply putting a lot of investment for too little. Now, it has been six months and we are getting more efficiency from our processes and servers than we ever had received for the price we are paying. We opted for a managed bare-metal dedicated server and we got an affordable dedicated server with extended support.

Kudos to team RedSwitches!”

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