Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Customizable Bare Metal Servers with Linux Open-Source OS

Design the dedicated hosting solution your business needs with Linux OS and unlimited hardware upgrades. Choose from many Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian & CentOS. Host your services in 20+ data centers worldwide with RedSwitches.

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Explore Our Linux Dedicated Server Plans

Get a Linux dedicated server at the best prices on the market. Choose among our hosting plans below, or request a customized solution that fits your needs. All RedSwitches server plans come with free setup and configuration, 100TB of bandwidth, and 5Gbps DDoS protection.

Use cases


Scalable Linux Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting solution that scales together with your business. Choose RedSwitches bare metal servers that can be upgraded at any time. You will never pay for unused hardware with our scalable Linux dedicated servers.


Linux Server Clusters

Custom-built Linux infrastructure for your business. We can build a cluster of 2 and up to 100 Linux dedicated servers that work together to power your most demanding applications. We’ll also manage your infrastructure while you work on growing your business.


Dedicated Hosting With LAMP Stack

Develop web applications on a powerful Linux dedicated server. With the LAMP stack of applications, you get Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP that deliver the best performance for web development environments.


Cost-Effective Dedicated Hosting

Cut down on your hosting costs using a Linux dedicated server. With the open-source Linux operating system, you won’t have to pay for an expensive usage license. Choose from a variety of Linux distributions - all free of charge.

Test the Network Speed of Our Linux Dedicated Servers

We deliver an excellent hosting experience, and that includes a lightning-fast network connection. With a choice of 1GE, 10GE, and 100GE ports, our network is unrivaled. Try it for yourself below:

Choose RedSwitches Because.

Included With Every
Linux Dedicated Server

Get the most value for your money with RedSwitches Linux dedicated servers. All our Linux dedicated server plans come packed with features that make for a premium hosting experience.

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Variety of Linux Distributions

Choose a Linux distribution that works best for you and your team. RedSwitches lets you choose from Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS upon ordering your brand new bare metal server. And if you ever want to switch your OS, we will be ready to assist you.

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Open-Source Software

Develop and host on an open-source platform with a Linux dedicated server. Linux OS is flexible and customizable to the core, allowing you to install any elements required for your workflow.

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Unparalleled Performance

Linux OS is lighter than Windows, using fewer resources for system services. That means less strain on your hardware components coming from the OS, and better performance for you to grow your hosted services.

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World-Class Security

Linux dedicated servers are the most secure hosting solution. With dedicated hardware, you have no hosting neighbors to breach your security. And with open-source software, bugs are patched in no time.

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Intuitive Control Panel

RedSwitches Linux dedicated servers come with our intuitive control panel with reboot and reinstall. Manage your entire server, get technical support, or request hardware upgrades all from one spot.

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Root Access

Get administrative-level access to your Linux dedicated server and unlock its full potential. With root access, you can modify any configurations in your server, install any software, and define user permissions.

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Free Same-Day Setup

All Linux dedicated servers in stock are provisioned within 4 to 8 hours. Choose a server at any of our 20+ global data centers, and start hosting on the same day!

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Full Customizability

Linux OS is loved by many because of its customizable nature. As open-source software, you are free to modify it as you wish. And with unlimited hardware choices from RedSwitches, you can fully tweak your server to make it perfect.

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Global Data Centers

Host your services with low latency at one of our global data centers. We have Linux dedicated servers in 20+ data centers spread across the world. Choose your preferred offshore location and host closest to your clients.

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High-Speed Network

Our network speed is superb, with a choice of 1/10/100GE uplinks. Host your web services with no lag to deliver the best user experience for your clients.

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100% Network Uptime

Avoid customer dissatisfaction or lost profit due to your dedicated hosting being down. We guarantee full network uptime with our Linux dedicated servers so your hosted services will never go down.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

Put an end to bandwidth overcharges with unmetered bandwidth. Host large media files, IPTV streaming services, or online education platforms on a Linux dedicated server and never pay additional fees with our unmetered bandwidth plans.

Fully Customizable Linux Dedicated Servers

Our Linux bare metal servers are fully customizable just like Linux OS. You can upgrade your storage, network connection, or even get managed support for your bare metal server.

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Managed Linux Dedicated Hosting

RedSwitches offers fully managed support for your Linux dedicated hosting solution. We will set up your bare metal server, install Linux OS, migrate your data, and secure your server.

Additionally, we perform regular data backups, monitor the network to prevent DDoS attacks, and watch for any malicious attacks coming your way.

Get a managed dedicated server with Linux OS today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your servers are in good hands!

RedSwitches Dedicated Servers with Linux OS

Experience a premium hosting experience at affordable prices - only with RedSwitches. Get the best Linux dedicated servers with your preferred Linux distribution for top-notch performance.


Customizable Hardware

Design your very own Linux dedicated server with our customizable hardware options. Pick your ideal CPU, storage & memory, and network configuration. We will set up your custom hosting solution free of charge.


Tier III Data Centers

Our Tier III global data centers have additional hardware components for redundancy. This allows for performing hardware upgrades and server maintenance without interrupting your services.


Flexible & Transparent Pricing

Get the best prices on the market for Linux dedicated servers. Our server plans are affordable while offering a premium hosting experience. We offer competitive and transparent pricing, where you only pay for what you use.

Linux Dedicated Servers in Every Part of the World

We have offshore data centers equipped with Linux dedicated servers in 20+ global locations. It’s your choice whether you want to host in Germany or Singapore - and it’s our duty to give you the best offshore hosting experience.


Enterprise Technical Support for
Linux Dedicated Servers

Our team of engineers is highly trained to work with Linux dedicated servers. You can get in touch with them using instant messengers, live chat, email, or ticket support. They are readily available to answer any questions or provide technical support 24/7/365.


Pay Using Your Preferred Payment Method

We accept all forms of payment methods including Bitcoin, PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit or debit cards. Buy a Linux dedicated server with your preferred payment method for your convenience. You can pay for your server monthly, or you can choose to pay quarterly, bi-annually, or annually and pay at a discounted rate.

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Host on a Custom
Linux Dedicated Server

Pair Linux with a custom dedicated server for the ultimate hosting solution. Design your own dedicated server fit to your requirements. Choose from a variety of CPUs, memory & storage options, and network configurations. We’ll build your custom server, set it up free of charge, and deliver it instantly.

Linux Dedicated Servers FAQ

A Linux dedicated server is a dedicated hosting solution with Linux OS installed as its primary operating system. Dedicated servers have hardware dedicated to one user, or in other words, they are not shared between multiple hosts.

Linux is a great choice for a dedicated server operating system. That’s because Linux is free, cutting down on your hosting costs. Moreover, it is open-source, allowing for any kind of modifications to the OS. Finally, it uses less computing resources than Windows, making it a preferred choice for power users.

When buying a new dedicated server from RedSwitches, you can choose to have Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS installed on your server when it is being provisioned.

All Linux OS distributions run excellent on dedicated servers. It all comes down to your specific requirements, and your and your team’s personal preference.

Linux dedicated servers are a good choice for users wanting to get the most out of their server hardware. Because Linux uses less resources, it can perform better than a dedicated server with Windows.

However, not all users are familiar with the user interface of Linux. Therefore, the trade-off for better performance is not worth it. For professionals who have used Windows in the past, it is a preferable choice to stick to the Windows user interface.

Yes, dedicated servers running on Linux OS are very secure. The community of Linux users is large, and they are quick to detect any bugs or security breaches. Therefore, Linux OS receives security patches in a timely manner, making it an highly secure OS.

And as an open-source OS, you can install whichever security software you find most suitable for you. If you don’t have experience with securing servers, a managed Linux server secured by your hosting provider is the best option for you.

RedSwitches Linux dedicated servers will be provisioned and delivered to you within 24 horse of purchase. You can start using your brand new Linux bare metal server as soon as you get access to it.

Yes, RedSwitches gives you administrative-level access to you server with your own root password.

Interested in Getting a Linux Dedicated Server?

Drop us a message if you have any questions about Linux dedicated servers, or request a quote for a customized dedicated hosting solution. Our Linux server specialists are ready to assist you!

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