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Solutions Built for Enterprise Hosting

Be it EdTech Platform or an Online Streaming Site, build your video streaming infrastructure on easily scalable dedicated servers. With over 20 global locations and 10 Tbps of network capacity, we have the perfect low-latency streaming solution for your applications and that too at a very cost-effective pricing. Learn More
Focus on growing your business and let RedSwitches handle your hosting infrastructure. From High Performance Managed Hosting to Custom Application Clusters, we do it all. We will consult you, architect your solution, migrate your data, manage your infra and help you grow your business. Learn More
Host your Crypto Proof-Of-Stake Network on our highly optimised Bare-Metal Servers specially designed for Compute Intensive Workloads. Learn More
Scale your business rapidly and ensure 100% uptime with our High-Availability Server Clusters. From just 2 to 100 Servers, our Server Clusters are custom built to fit your application needs. With 20+ Global locations to choose from, we can deploy your most demanding mission-critical applications on our HA Server Clusters. Learn More

Simple Solutions For
Your Big Ideas!

Simple Solutions
For Your Big Ideas!


Transparent and Fixed Costs

Host your mission critical applications on our fixed cost Bare-Metal Servers and be in 100% control of your server's performance & security. RedSwitches offers the Best CPU Performance Per Dollar when compared with AWS, Azure, Google, Digital Ocean or any other cloud hosting provider.

Global Availability

We offer High-Availability Dedicated Servers in 20 global locations across 4 different continents. Wherever you choose to do business, RedSwitches has the compute and connectivity to deliver even your largest applications at blazing speeds.


Enterprise Support

We offer human support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our personalized service gets you the answers you need, without making you talk to 10 different departments.


Managed Services

Do not have an Inhouse DevOps? No problem! All our services come with free server management. Get access to our talented engineers who will answer your questions, whether it is 4pm in Sydney or Santa Cruz.

Case Studies

Our Managed Servers with Cloud Computing Helps our Client Scale at Ease
Hinduja Tech Gets it Ideal Data Management Service Provider
An Online Mock Test Portal Receives a Cost-effective and Efficient Dedicated Server
Charting a Course of Cost-effectiveness, away from tekri lAWS
When Support Meets Profit: A Curious Case of VPS Hosting Services
India’s Largest Public Educational Institution Gets the Scale it Deserves

Omni-Channel Support

Unsure of your requirements? No Problem!

Our talented engineers are here to help! We will consult, architect, migrate, manage and do whatever it takes to help your business grow and succeed.

user Friendly Server-Management Panel

Powerful Control Panel and APIs

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Develop Locally, Deploy Globally

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No matter where you do your business, RedSwitches can provide you
with the speed and connectivity needed.

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Happy Clients

One of the best-dedicated server hosting providers I have had the pleasure of working with. They are my go-to place for dedicated servers now.
Noel Ceta
Redswitches is very helpful. They helped me migrate our application from another provider without a single min downtime and also saved us a lot of money. Recommended 100%
Atul Patel
I had issues accessing my server because I accidentally used an incorrect password and the firewall blocked my IP address due to failed attempts. Opened a ticket and the issue was resolved in 10 mins. Fast support. I like it.
Tommy Leon
I am extremely impressed with RedSwitches servers. Great hardware, non congested network and excellent service. Already using them for over a year and would definitely recommend Redswitches if you are looking for a reliable hosting provider.
RedSwitches is one of the most amazing hosting providers with competitive prices and excellent support. The support service is also very quick. Thumbs up!
Sara Tencredi
Business is run on Decisions and moving to RedSwitches was one of the best decisions. Using it for over a month and the team is very supportive. The support staff (especially Robert!!) is amazing. Well done guys ..keep up the service !!!
Anup Kumar
I'm very satisfied with the RedSwitches service. Two times I needed help for minor changes, and they help me outright with no extra or higher charges. Very friendly and supportive.
Corlous Bravo
Fast and quick Service, Excellent customer services, very supportive staff.
Akash Tiwari

TrustScore 4.3 - Excellent Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated server is a powerful hosting solution that can provide sustained high performance for your web services. It is a single-tenant hosting solution, offering you full access to its hardware components.
Dedicated server prices start at around $ 100/month for renting a base model server. Any additional upgrades that you choose for your dedicated server, such as unmetered bandwidth, additional storage, or fully-managed hosting will cost you additionally.
A dedicated server is worth it if your web services require a powerful hosting solution that can deliver high performance at all times.

If youve been using a shared server and it cannot handle the incoming traffic and requests from your hosted services, it is worth upgrading to a dedicated server.
If you are a small business looking to publish your website or web service, you can start out with a cheap, or a managed dedicated server. As you grow and scale up, you might consider paying more for a standard dedicated server.

However, if you are a big business dealing with lots of customers, or you need to process large amounts of information, youd want to look into high performance or enterprise dedicated hosting servers.
The main difference between shared and dedicated hosting is the number of users on the server. A shared server is usually rented out to hundreds of users, while a dedicated server is rented out to only one user.
On a shared server, the computer resources are split between all its users, making for a slow hosting experience. But on a dedicated server, all computing resources are dedicated to you, offering you full performance from the hardware you are paying for.
Dedicated server hosting is offered by hosting providers. They have physical dedicated servers located in their data centers. When you rent a bare metal server, the hosting provider gives you access to one of the physical servers in their data center. You can then access your dedicated server over an internet connection.
Dedicated servers are used to run web hosting environments. In a hosting environment, you can deploy web services such as:
  • Websites
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Video Streaming Solutions
  • Online Education Platforms
  • Online Banking Platforms
  • SaaS Applications
  • Data Backup & Redundancy Systems
  • Internal Applications
It is better for most companies to rent a dedicated server and benefit from:
  • Zero up-front fees
  • Low monthly prices starting at $100
  • Servers managed by the hosting provider
  • Cancellation at any time
However, enterprises might consider buying a dedicated server if they have the resources, physical space for the server, and an IT team for managing the server.
It depends on the hosting provider whether you can get root access to your dedicated server. You will get root access to your dedicated server when you host with RedSwitches .
Yes, you can upgrade your RedSwitches dedicated server at any time and with any hardware components you choose. To upgrade your dedicated server, simply contact us and request an upgrade.

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