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Store your data and backups securely with a dedicated storage server from RedSwitches. Get a bare metal server with a RAID array, lightning-fast network, and free DDoS protection at any of our 20+ offshore server locations.

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Affordable Dedicated Storage & Backup Servers

Get the best priced dedicated storage servers on the market without cutting corners. Choose one of the bare metal server plans below or contact us for a customized dedicated storage & backup solution.

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Use Cases


Scalable Dedicated Storage Solutions

Dedicated storage servers that scale together with your business. RedSwitches dedicated servers can accommodate your requirements whether you want to scale up or down. Add additional storage drives, RAID arrays, or upgrade your RAM or CPU at any time.


Storage Server Clusters

Storage server clusters built for your most demanding workload. We can custom-build you a scalable infrastructure of servers starting with 2 and up to 100 servers, fully managed for your convenience by our expert engineering team.


Dedicated Backup Solutions

Use a RedSwitches dedicated storage server as your offshore backup solution and ensure you never experience data loss. Backup your data on a dedicated offshore server away from your facilities, at any of our 20+ global data centers.


Multimedia Storage Solutions

Store your images, audio, and video content on our high-volume storage servers. With high network speeds and unmetered bandwidth, RedSwitches dedicated storage servers are ideal for content creators or online education platforms that require reliable multimedia storage.

Quick Storage Access with Our Lightning-Fast Network

Our dedicated storage servers come with an ultra-fast network connection, allowing for fast data read and write speeds. With our servers, you’ll be able to access your files and backup copies within seconds. But don’t just take our word for it - try our network speed below:

Choose RedSwitches Because.

State of the Art
Dedicated Server Features

When you get a bare metal storage server from RedSwitches, you don’t just get the bare minimum. Every one of our data storage and backup servers come with superb features that guarantee a premium hosting experience at an affordable price.

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Storage Options

Choose from a variety of high-capacity SSD, NVME, and HDD storage options. Upgrade your storage as you grow with RedSwitches scalable dedicated server plans.

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RAID Arrays

Protect your data from hardware failure with a RAID storage system. We give you the choice of a hardware or software RAID array, with RAID levels 0, 1, 5, or 10.

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Tier III data centers with redundant hardware, including multiple power and cooling sources. Your dedicated storage server will always be accessible even during data center maintenance.

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Automated Backups

Automate your data backups with RedSwitches managed storage servers. We can help migrate your data to your new dedicated server and perform regular data backups without you having to do anything.

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World-Class Security

Virus scans, real-time server monitoring, and DDoS protection are included with all our dedicated storage servers. Your data and backups are guarded 24/7 by RedSwitches.

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Global Data Centers

Host in over 20+ RedSwitches data centers all over the world. Keep your backups in offshore dedicated storage servers and never experience data loss.

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High-Speed Network

Choose from 1, 10, or 100GE uplinks and get lightning-fast read/write speeds with our superb network. Upload and download your data and backup copies within seconds.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

Host your files on a dedicated storage server without worrying about bandwidth overcharges. Get unmetered bandwidth for the ultimate peace of mind.

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100% Network Uptime

Downtime is a thing of the past. With RedSwitches, your servers will never go out of service - and that’s a guarantee!

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Same-Day Setup

Need your data backed up ASAP? With the RS Instant Delivery Service, we’ve got your back! Buy a dedicated storage server now and we’ll get the servers up and running within 4 to 8 hours!

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Personalized Support

Access to real human support 24 hours a day, any day of the year. Connect with our talented support engineers through instant messengers, live chat, email, or submit a ticket.

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Customizable Hardware

Unlimited hardware choices for your ideal dedicated storage solution. Pick from various storage, RAM, CPU, and network options and design your ideal dedicated server.

Personalize Your Dedicated Storage & Backup Server

Enhance your hosting experience by customizing your dedicated storage server. Get additional storage for backups, fully managed support, or unmetered traffic at any time. The choice is yours - simply contact us for an upgrade.

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Get a Managed Dedicated Storage Server

Let us manage your dedicated storage and backup solution for the ultimate hosting experience. With our expert engineers behind your dedicated server, you will never face data loss.

We’ll design your storage solution, help you migrate your data, and perform regular data backups. Say goodbye to painfully long manual backups.

To give you extra peace of mind, we’ll always be on the lookout for malware and protect your storage server from DDoS attacks.

Store and Backup Your Data With RedSwitches

At RedSwitches, we only offer top-quality hardware for your data storage and backup needs. Choose RedSwitches for the best hosting on the market, featuring:


High Storage Capacity & Redundancy

Our specialized dedicated storage servers come with additional storage capacity so you can store all your files and information. You can also get a RAID array for redundancy and never lose your data in case of hardware failure.


Data Security

RedSwitches dedicated servers offer ultimate security for your data storage and backup solution. With dedicated space just for your data, DDoS protection, and malware detection, you will never have to worry about losing your data to hackers.


Flexibility & Scalability

Storage solutions based on bare metal servers are flexible, allowing for hot swappable drives and uninterrupted usage. They are also scalable, meaning you can add-on storage drives as your databases grow.

Global Data Centers For Ultimate Data Security

Keep your files offshore and never lose any of your precious data to a natural disaster. With over 20+ locations world-wide, your data is as secure as it can get.


Omni-Channel Expert
Technical Support

We don’t let technical issues get in your way of hosting. Our talented expert engineers are available to help with your dedicated storage servers through tickets, email & instant messengers. You can reach our technical support team at any time, no matter if it’s the middle of the night or a holiday.


Pay Conveniently For Your Dedicated Storage Server

RedSwitches accepts over half-a-dozen payment options. Choose your preferred payment method when buying a dedicated storage server. Pay securely with Bitcoin, Paypal, or using a credit or debit card, and get a discount if you pay on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.

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Design Your Own Dedicated Storage Solution

You name it & we’ll arrange it. Choose what you want your ideal dedicated storage server to include and we will deliver it to you in no time. We have high-capacity SSD and HDD storage options, RAID arrays, backup drives, fully managed services, and more!

Dedicated Storage Servers FAQ

A dedicated storage server is a data storage or backup solution running on a bare metal server. The dedicated storage server is optimized for storing files with higher storage capacity and RAID arrays for data redundancy.

Data storage servers also serve as an offshore backup solution because they are physically located outside of your home or office. Having an offshore backup adds an additional level of security to your data.

First, it’s essential that you get enough storage drives, such as SSDs and HDDs in your dedicated server to be able to store or backup all your data. Second, you will need to decide on how much RAM you need. RAM is crucial in managing your storage drives, and the more storage you get, the more RAM you will need.

Continuing, you will want to choose a fast internet connection for your dedicated server to be able to quickly access your data and store new files. Finally, you will need a powerful CPU to manage your data and backup copies. When it comes to storage servers, the component you should worry about least is the GPU.

The three main types of server storage are: direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS), and storage area network (SAN).

Direct attached storage disks are local hard drives or solid state drives physically connected to your storage server.

Network attached storage disks are storage devices connected on the same network as your storage server. You can access these storage devices from your dedicated server’s network connection. They are not physically connected to your server, and they do not appear as a disk in your server settings.

A storage area network differs from network attached storage in that it is a separate network made up of storage drives, and appears as a normal drive in your server settings.

You can store upwards of 100TB of data on a dedicated server. Bare metal servers are easily upgradable, which means you can get additional HDD or SSD drives at any point in time if you run out of storage.

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are ideal if you want to store lots of data that you don’t access frequently as they are cheap and slow. For example, they are great for backups which are typically large, and aren’t accessed on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, solid-state drives (SSDs) are much faster at both reading and writing data, but they’re generally more expensive. SSDs are great for storing smaller files that you access frequently due to the fast read and write speeds of SSDs.

A redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a set of multiple disks that work together as one logical unit. Typically it is used for data redundancy. That means in the case one of the multiple drives physically fails, your data will be moved to the other disks, avoiding data loss.

It’s important for the storage server to be connected to a fast network so that you can upload and download data to and from the server quickly and efficiently. Dedicated storage servers are accessed through the network. They are physically located in the data center of the hosting provider, and you use them over an internet connection.

Yes, dedicated servers are one of the most secure hosting solutions available on the market. You can either set up a server security system yourself, or have your hosting provider secure your dedicated server for you.

Since you are the only user on a dedicated server, there are no server neighbours that can breach your security system. Therefore, your data will be kept securely on your bare metal storage server.

Learn More About Our Dedicated Storage Servers & Backup Solutions

Whether you have questions about our dedicated storage servers, or you’d like to get a customized backup solution, just drop us a message! Our expert engineers will be in touch with you in no time.

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