The Ultimate Guide – What is Application Hosting


Cloud computing has advanced hosting businesses into significant applications that are more manageable and cost-effective. Application Hosting is a cloud computing platform that empowers the execution of software services via the Internet.

Some of the common examples of on-demand software that may be hosted via the Internet are database applications, content management applications, email management applications, and web development applications.

With application hosting, deploying the resources has become an easier and faster process—without having to carry the expenses of additional software, hardware, and personnel.

Application Hosting Services can virtually serve any type of software application with an operational platform.  These services are inclusive of Managed Hosting Services, which is used to provides a higher level of service to its users.

Application Hosting Service Plans

Application hosting services are usually delivered as service plans that have pricing based on a package, which is a combination of the amount of all the services required on the part of the user from the hosting services provider.

Here are some of the examples of the service plans that may be offered by an application hosting services provider:

Enterprise-level service plan

It includes SaaS application delivery with multi-tenancy that provides complete privacy of virtual clustered environments. It also offers rapid provisioning and self-service management.

Dedicated level service plan

It includes SaaS application delivery with single-tenancy that provides a higher level of compliance and security. In this, the customer is responsible for managing the cloud service platform.

Managed level service plan

Here the application hosting provider manages the cloud platform. It includes SaaS application delivery with single-tenancy while offering a high level of security, rapid provisioning, and self-service management.

Advantages of Application Hosting

There are several benefits of application hosting, such as less cost,  instant deployment with reduced administration, and easy maintenance. Here are some more benefits in-depth:

Compliance and Flexibility

With application hosting, users can access data from any place at any time. Cloud subscribers can update their services according to their business demands. If their requirements increase or decrease over time, they can upgrade or downgrade their resources, knowing how much they need to spend. Hence they don’t need to worry about running out of storage space or scaling or updating software applications. Cloud users no longer need to pay for services you don’t need as they can merely sign up for specific IT functions.

Easy to use

Many Cloud service providers offer free application hosting migration to help developers operate and promote their services. Everyday applications can be easily switched to the cloud where developers and users can update and access the software through a secure Internet connection.

No capital expenditures

There is no need for investment in the cloud infrastructure, as the cloud application is a rented solution. It also requires fewer systems for overall support and administration. For a developer, there are no depreciation costs with a hosted solution because it does not need replacing or repairing of the obsolete hardware. By adapting to cloud application hosting, companies can pay as their business grows by only renting the level of server capacity they actually need at the time. It enables a significant reduction in IT infrastructure and support costs.

In summary, the advantages of application hosting include low costs, no vendor upgrades or installation, barely any risk, no long-term commitment, automated backups, it doesn’t require manual maintenance of software and hardware, this highly reduces the investment expenses. Its access is global; hence, there’s also no need for data to be synchronized with multiple devices. Software licensing costs are reduced too.

Internet availability is the only requirement application hosting demands. Because without establishing an internet connection, the applications will not be able to operate. But with the broadband internet availability and the fact that it can be connected at all times, it makes app hosting is the most reliable application hosting.

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