The Difference In RedSwitches Docker Cloud Hosting

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For a low-cost to develop, deploy and run a software program, app or website, Docker tools offer an advantage over other options available to developers and businesses. At RedSwitches, we have been involved in Docker cloud hosting as a part of the services we offer our customers. Unlike some hosting services that are relatively new at this hosting option, we have been on the cutting edge of this technology for years. This experience gives us an advantage in being able to provide outstanding customer service and technical support for all of our clients using Docker.

The Docker Advantage

With each container designed to hold and deploy a specific software application, Docker offers several advantages over having to run separate virtual machines or completing tests and changes to existing systems while “live.”

Instead, the Docker container can be cloned and isolated from the original, allowing the developer to work on the new or modified container without risking corrupting the files or taking down the original application. This benefit is only effective if the Docker cloud hosting has the capacity to run multiple containers at the same time.

At RedSwitches, we offer different package options for those looking for Docker hosting. This allows your IT team to choose the package that meets their requirements for size as well as to stay within your budget.

Increasing as Needed

Scalability is critical to any Docker cloud hosting service. Businesses may need to increase the specifications of their package to meet changes in processor needs and performance capabilities.

We understand how important it is to have the package available that allows your Docker container requirement needs to grow as your business grows. By choosing our systems, you will find just the service needed with the option to scale up as needed or to even move from a cloud-based plan to a dedicated server for even greater performance.

Try this guide with our instant dedicated server for as low as 40 Euros