Startup Cloud Hosting – A Complete Guide

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Cloud computing technology becomes a standard topic when we talk about developing applications. The scalability feature is one of the main reasons that 91 percent of IT decision-makers hold a positive view of cloud applications. While looking for a potential cloud hosting provider for a start-up, it is essential to keep in mind that they all offer different features. By the end of this article, instead of wondering how, to begin with, a cloud hosting solution for your start-up, you’re going to know everything you need to look for when selecting one.
Here’s what to look for when selecting a cloud hosting solution for a start-up

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Solution For Your Startup

1. Cloud hosting billing model

The billing model of cloud applications is becoming an integral part of start-up organizations. The utility is tied directly to scalability. It allows businesses to only pay for what they use and consumes additional resources only when they need them. This billing model enables start-up companies to adapt to a changing business climate quickly. It’s the most cost-effective cloud-hosting solution model available for specific workloads.

2. Flexibility & the delivery model

There are many varieties of cloud delivery models out there. This gives organizations more options and even more flexibility. Many cloud vendors offer the flexibility to customize delivery models as a business grows. This is done without modifying the configuration or the user interface. These layers of cloud architecture are delivered to the organizations via three main service models: listed below in order of its increasing external hosting level.

  1. SaaS (software as a service)
  2. IaaS (infrastructure as a service)
  3. PaaS (platform as a service)

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3. Trial Use

The ability to use the application on trial is a feature unique to cloud deployment. The beauty of it is that start-ups can try an app before they even contact the vendor. Trying the cloud application does not risk on an organization’s budget. Instead, it gives valuable insight to the users. With a trial, start-up organizations can understand the application’s usability and interface. Also, how fast and efficiently tasks can be performed.

4. Compatibility of the Platform

The cloud application should be fully functional on various operating systems and web browsers. Especially the ones that are in use at your start-up. Cloud application accessibility should be verified via mobile devices if needed. It is essential to consider the future compatibility of cloud applications. If a mobile strategy is included in the start-up company’s IT strategy, then must select the cloud applications that will match your organization’s future web, IT, and mobile needs.

5. Infrastructure Scalability

Start-up organizations should evaluate the cloud provider’s scalability through infrastructure points such as data warehouse, network servers, bandwidth, and load balancers. The organization must analyze the long-term, and short-term growth strategy and level of service cloud vendors provide. Cloud vendors should be able to maintain and improve their service levels along with the growth in the start-up business. This shall include the vendor’s preliminary testing of the customer’s existing hardware and bandwidth. Also shall provide technical recommendations on improving. These are typically involved in cloud software implementation projects.

In summary, the reason why the cloud system is popular is that it is beneficial for start-ups, midsize, as well as large organizations. Scalability in these solutions, allows start-ups to quickly increase capacity, reduce downtime to a minimum and avoid the tremendous costs associated with it. Hence start-up businesses can very well benefit from the right cloud application.

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Try this guide with our instant dedicated server for as low as 40 Euros