6 Tips For Choosing a Hosting Company for a SaaS Application

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According to the Transparency Market Research report, cloud-managed service is expected to grow at a 9.62% CAGR by 2022 on a global level. An increase in complex technologies and business competition are the two driving factors for it. Companies are constantly finding it too expensive to develop and upgrade their servers in-house.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is one of the most utilized cloud hosting solutions for all your software needs. It helps companies that are hosting and managing their applications in-house shift their hosting applications to the cloud. The type of hosting provider and plan you chose can make or break your SaaS business as the performance of your website is entirely dependent on the hosting server.

Therefore, today, we’re discussing six tips to ensure you choose the right SaaS hosting for your needs.

  1. Understand Your Unique Business Needs
    There has been a long discussion online about the Choosing Best SaaS Hosting Solution But ultimately, it is the unique needs of your business and the individual support requirements that you should keep in mind. Begin by estimating exactly which services would you like to shift to an external cloud provider. It can be services like:

    • Automated Server backups
    • Website hosting
    • Abundant Cloud Storage Space
    • VPN
    • DDoS protection
    • Server Management and Administration
    • Content Management
    • Security Protocols

    Cloud companies have enhanced their services with a continuing list of features they can provide. Determining exactly what are your services requirements is a significant first step before moving to SaaS.

  2. Consider your budget 
    Costing is another essential factor that businesses should consider. It becomes difficult as you want to balance your business capabilities with its pricing points. It gets even more complicated for companies that require different capabilities from one solution. For example, if your company is growing at a quick pace and your business demands cost-effective scalability, then you must facilitate that growth with a SaaS provider that offers its pricing structures on your terms.
  3. Consider All Technology Needs
    You need to consider all the resources you may decide to host internally, as your business starts to shift away from in-house servers to SaaS applications. Companies may find the need to integrate their applications with cloud solutions. For example, there could be a need to link up the accounting system of your application with the Customer Relationship Management portal to reduce the bounce rate between the applications. Inter-operability is very necessary in such cases, even if you don’t need it at first. Hence it is important to consider all the technology and the resources you need to run and work with on your SaaS application so that the provider can integrate as many of it as possible.
  4. Consider Scaling for Future
    Growing businesses will need scalable SaaS resources. Therefore it is important to examine your SaaS service provider’s technology menu. Ensure your SaaS provider has reasonable offers when it comes to enhancing your capabilities and resources with investment. They shall offer discounted pricing as well for when businesses need more extensive utilization. Analyze whether the technologies mentioned will support your business plan or not. Choose a SaaS solution that holds essential technologies that your business might need a year from now.
  5. Ensure a Clearly Outlined Service Agreement
    Businesses should ensure that the cloud provider is always available to them. A tiny disadvantage of using a third-party SaaS provider is that during emergencies, your business is dependent on their responsiveness. Hence it is essential to find a SaaS provider that is wholly invested in continuity and disaster recovery. Though 24-hour service is a significant selling point for many SaaS providers, availability is one of the key benefits of using the cloud that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  6. Be Prepared for Rapid Growth
    Remember that your company is looking for a long-term service partner and not an IT landlord. The ideal SaaS provider you select shall develop service plans customized to your business needs. There can be rapid growth in your business, hence do not let success be a problem for your future. Find the right service provider with an active interest in helping your business goals. Share your long-term business plan with potential SaaS providers, if they can identify with your growth plan right away, then they’re the right ones for you. If they only seem interested in securing the deal, then they’re not. You will know you have found the right SaaS hosting solution for your business only if the provider offers growing capabilities for your success plan.


With a good understanding of your requirements and with proper research, you shall be able to find a cloud solution with the perfect combination of high up-time, excellent performance, great scalability, and budget-friendly to help bring your company into the developing sphere of business cloud users. If your company needs to customize its entire hosting experience of your SaaS application, then contact us for a 14-day free trial of our PaaS platform now!

Try this guide with our instant dedicated server for as low as 40 Euros