RedSwitches vs Server Basket: Best Hosting Provider 2024

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RedSwitches vs Server Basket

With the countless options of hosting providers available in the market today, choosing the ideal one can be daunting. Two prominent names in the market are RedSwitches and Server Basket.

RedSwitches is a powerful bare metal and dedicated server provider known for its high-performance and customizable servers. On the other hand, Server Basket is one of the leading hardware solution providers known for its affordability and user-friendly solutions.

However, to make an informed decision, several other factors about both providers must be considered to reach a final verdict.

This blog will take you through a detailed comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket. By the end of this article, you can make a well-informed decision that best suits your needs.

Table of Contents

  1. RedSwitches vs Server Basket In a Quick Glance
    1. Online Reputation: RedSwitches
    2. Online Reputation: Server Basket
  2. RedSwitches vs Server Basket: Service Comparison
    1. RedSwitches
    2. Server Basket
  3. RedSwitches vs Server Basket – A Comprehensive Overview
    1. Pricing and Costs
    2. Best Dedicated Server
    3. Best Bare-Metal Servers
    4. Set-Up Process
    5. Performance and Speed
    6. Data Center and Inventory
    7. Scalability and Ease of Use
    8. Target Audience and Intended Use
  4. RedSwitches or Server Basket: Which One To Choose?
    1. Consider RedSwitches if:
    2. Consider Server Basket if:
  5. Conclusion

RedSwitches vs Server Basket In a Quick Glance

RedSwitches vs Server Basket In a Quick Glance

Looking for a quick comparison of the services offered by RedSwitches vs Server Basket?

The following table summarizes everything you need about RedSwitches vs Server Basket.

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If you are an experienced professional looking for the right hosting provider, this is all the key information required to make an informed decision. However, if you’re a newbie looking over to choose the right hosting provider, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about RedSwitches vs Server Basket.

Online Reputation: RedSwitches

Online Reputation: RedSwitches

Credits: Trustpilot

Over the last ten years, RedSwitches has established itself as a reliable dedicated hosting provider with a positive online reputation. Customers are seen praising our high-performance, dedicated, and bare-metal server offerings on various trusted review platforms. Our commitment to transparency, particularly the fixed monthly pricing model, has helped us garner client trust.

Reviews also often highlight our support team’s rapid setup times, superior network performance, and technical proficiency.

To learn more about what users say about us, you can visit HostingSeekers, Trustpilot, or HostAdvice.

Online Reputation: Server Basket

Online Reputation: Server Basket

Credits: Website Planet

Server Basket also has a respected reputation online, especially for providing cost-effective server solutions. They are recognized for their numerous hosting options that cater to varying technical requirements and budgets.

Customers often praise Server Basket for their affordability and ease of use of their services. Some reviews claim that while their customer support is generally responsive, it may not always match some of their competitors’ proactive assistance.

For further information on what customers think about Server Basket, you can visit HostAdvice or Website Planet.

RedSwitches vs Server Basket: Service Comparison

RedSwitches vs Server Basket: Service Comparison

Let’s discuss the service range RedSwitches vs Server Basket provided for a more in-depth look at their hosting capabilities.



Credits: RedSwitches Homepage

RedSwitches is a well-known dedicated hosting provider that stands out for providing high-performance, dedicated, bare metal hosting solutions. We deliver customizable dedicated private servers with the newest hardware from top companies, including Intel/AMD.

Besides the latest hardware, we offer several other features, including 24/7 instant human support, free DDoS protection with all plans, etc.

Here is a more in-depth look at our service offerings:

  • Dedicated Private Server

Our focus is on delivering cutting-edge, dedicated private servers. We use the latest hardware from renowned providers like AMD and Intel to stay ahead of the continuous technological innovations. Customers can customize their dedicated private servers by tweaking the RAM, bandwidth, and other elements per their needs.

  • 24/7 On-Site Support

Our customers have access to customer support around the clock. You can get in touch with our agents for any queries or troubleshooting, and they will be available to assist. We offer omnichannel support, so you can use any channels, including live chat, email, WhatsApp, phone, Skype, or Telegram, to contact support.

  • Built-in and Off-Server Backups

We understand the disastrous impact of data corruption or loss on a business. This is why we offer built-in backup drives and off-server backups. These features allow us to offer peace of mind to our clients and ensure their data is protected at all times.

  • DDoS Protection and IPMI Access

Our aim is always to help clients reduce their expenses. This is why we offer free DDoS protection. This keeps your server protected from cyberattacks. Besides free DDoS protection, we also offer IMP access to enable customers to control their servers from any location.

  • Scalability and Multiple Data Center Locations

Our server resources are flexible. Customers can conveniently tweak their server resources as per their requirements. We have established over 20+ data centers in four major countries. You can place your apps close to your users for improved speed and less delay.

  • Customizable Hardware and User-friendly Client Portal

Customers can pick and choose hardware for servers to match their needs. We also offer a user-friendly client portal. This centralized platform is developed to focus on the effortless management of hosting resources and support requests. It makes the hosting experience easier.

  • Additional Services

We also offer several other services like Smart Servers, IaaS, and Managed Solutions. These services accommodate different needs, including IPTV, SaaS, CDN, crypto, VPN, and big enterprises.

Server Basket

Server Basket

Credits: Server Basket

Server Basket is a reputable provider of numerous IT solutions. It is well-known for providing affordable and dependable services. They offer various products and services, including servers and hosting solutions, networking components, and IT rentals. Their wide range of offerings makes them versatile for businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Here is a more in-depth look at Server Basket’s service offerings:

  • Servers

Server Basket provides various solutions, including cloud, dedicated, and virtual private (VPS) servers. These servers fulfill the needs of businesses ranging from small businesses looking for simple hosting solutions to major organizations needing dependable servers.

  • Hosting

Server Basket offers various hosting services designed for optimal performance and security. Their hosting solutions include shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting, each tailored to different business requirements.

  • Workstation

Server Basket offers numerous workstations for businesses that require powerful computing capabilities. These workstations have high-performance CPUs, plentiful RAM, and advanced graphics capabilities.

  • Networking

Server Basket’s networking solutions include various components, like routers, switches, and firewalls. These products are designed to ensure robust and secure network infrastructure for businesses.

  • Components

Server Basket offers numerous IT components, including CPUs, memory modules, storage drives, and more. These components are sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure high quality and compatibility with various systems.

  • IT Rental

Server Basket offers IT rental services for businesses requiring temporary IT solutions. This includes renting servers, workstations, and other IT equipment on flexible terms. Their rental services suit short-term projects, testing environments, etc.

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RedSwitches vs Server Basket – A Comprehensive Overview

RedSwitches vs Server Basket - A Comprehensive Overview

Although both RedSwitches vs Server Basket offer similar services, their offerings might target different users with different needs.

Let’s discuss their pricing and costs, scalability, suitability, features, etc, to help you evaluate which best fits your requirements:

Pricing and Costs

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket in the context of pricing and costs:


  • Affordable Plans: Dedicated hosted servers priced as low as $25/month.
  • Long-Term Savings: Discounts are available for longer term commitments.
  • High-Performance Uses: Ideal for demanding use cases like e-commerce, AI/ML, and fintech.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, with clear pricing structures.
  • Custom Add-Ons: Options for private racks and enterprise backup solutions.
  • Competitive European Pricing: Good pricing in key locations like Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Server Basket

  • Affordable Pricing Options: Server Basket provides numerous pricing options, often geared towards affordability.
  • Flexible Pricing: Their pricing structure is flexible, catering to various budgets and needs.
  • Lack of transparency for Additional Upgrades/Services: While generally cost-effective, the pricing for additional services and upgrades may not always be as transparent.

Best Dedicated Server

Let us compare RedSwitches vs Server Basket in terms of best dedicated servers.


  • Total Control: We offer complete control over hardware configurations. This allows you to customize servers to meet your needs.
  • Performance is a Priority: Our servers are optimized for high performance. They include the latest Intel and AMD processors and NVMe SSDs to ensure superior speed and reliability.
  • Cost Predictability: With fixed monthly pricing, you can conveniently predict your expenses and manage your budget effectively.
  • Proficiency: Our services are ideal for users with technical proficiency, enabling them to leverage the customization and control we provide fully.

Server Basket

  • Affordable Options: Server Basket provides cost-effective dedicated server solutions catering to different budgets.
  • Ease of Use: Their servers are designed to be user-friendly, making them accessible to users with different levels of technical expertise.
  • Basic Performance: While they offer reliable performance, their servers may not match the high optimization levels provided by RedSwitches.
  • Additional Services: Server Basket includes services like managed hosting and support to assist less tech-savvy users.

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Best Bare-Metal Servers

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket in the context of best bare-metal servers.


  • Specializes in Dedicated Private Servers: We offer true bare-metal server options that provide unparalleled performance and control.
  • Ideal for Very Demanding Workloads: Our bare-metal servers are perfect for specialized software, intensive applications, and maximum customizability.
  • Requires Technical Knowledge: We provide comprehensive resources and support so you can effectively manage a bare-metal server.

Server Basket

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Server Basket offers bare-metal servers that are more budget-friendly. They may be suitable for businesses looking for basic bare-metal capabilities.
  • Easier Management: Their servers are designed for easier management, making them accessible to users with varying technical knowledge levels.
  • Basic Customization: While they offer some customization options, they may not provide the same level of depth and control as RedSwitches.

Set-Up Process

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket in the context of the set-up process.


  • Picking Your Hardware: Our set-up process starts with customers selecting various customizable hardware options. This includes selecting CPU, RAM, and storage configurations that best suit your needs.
  • Operating System Installation: We support various operating systems. Users can select the OS that aligns with their technical requirements and preferences.
  • Configuration and Deployment: Our team ensures a smooth and efficient configuration and deployment process so your servers can perform at their best from day one.
  • Access and Management: We provide robust remote management capabilities via SSH and intuitive control panels. This makes it easy to manage your server infrastructure.

Server Basket

  • Picking Your Hardware: The Server Basket set-up process involves choosing from various hardware options. The customization might be less extensive compared to RedSwitches.
  • Operating System Installation: They support multiple operating systems, ensuring compatibility with various applications.
  • Configuration and Deployment: Server Basket provides basic configuration and deployment services. The setup process may require more user involvement.
  • Access and Management: Management tools are available, though they may not be as advanced or user-friendly as RedSwitches offers.

Performance and Speed

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket to better understand better performance and speed.


  • Raw Power: Our servers feature the latest Intel and AMD processors. This ensures exceptional computing power for the most demanding applications.
  • I/O Performance: We use NVMe SSDs to ensure superior I/O performance. This improves data access speeds and server responsiveness.
  • Network Consistency: Our robust network infrastructure ensures reduced latency and high reliability. Users experience consistent performance and 99.99 percent uptime.

Server Basket

  • High-performance options: Offers servers with good performance capabilities, suitable for various business needs.
  • Standard storage: Typically uses SSDs for better performance than traditional HDDs but may not always offer NVMe SSDs.
  • Reliable network: Server Basket boasts a reliable network that can maintain continuous service availability.

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Data Center and Inventory

Let us discuss RedSwitches vs Server Basket in the context of data center and inventory.


  • 20+ Locations Across 4 Continents: We boast a noteworthy network of data centers across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, featuring 500+ server choices.
  • Owns and Operates Its Data Centers: We fully control our infrastructure. This allows for greater reliability, security, and performance management.
  • Broad Range of Server Hardware Configurations: Our data centers offer diverse server hardware configurations. Users can pick and choose as per their needs.
  • Improved Connectivity: Our global network enhances connectivity for users worldwide. It helps improve overall performance and keep latency at a minimum.

Server Basket

  • Limited Information on Locations: Server Basket’s data center locations are not as widely disclosed. This may limit transparency regarding their geographic reach and network capabilities.
  • Third-Party Data Centers: They often rely on third-party data centers. This might impact control over infrastructure and service reliability.
  • Standard Hardware Options: Server Basket provides standard server configurations. They may not offer the same level of customization as RedSwitches.
  • Regional Focus: Their focus appears more regional, potentially impacting global connectivity and performance for international users.

Scalability and Ease of Use

The following is a comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket in terms of scalability and ease of use:


  • User-Friendly Control Panel: We offer a user-friendly control panel that simplifies server management tasks.
  • Beginner and Expert Friendly: Beginners can easily handle basic tasks, while experts have deeper configuration options to customize their servers to meet advanced requirements.
  • Flexible Scaling: Scaling servers with RedSwitches typically involves contacting our support team, allowing for tailored hardware upgrades to meet growing business needs.

Server Basket

  • Basic Control Panel: Server Basket provides a basic control panel for server management.
  • Simplified for Beginners: Their services are straightforward. They cater mainly to beginners but may not offer the same level of configuration depth for advanced users.
  • Standard Scaling Options: Scaling options might be more limited and less flexible, often involving standard upgrade paths without extensive customization.

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Target Audience and Intended Use

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs Server Basket in the context of target audience and intended use.


  • Businesses of All Sizes: We provide solutions to businesses of all sizes that require top-notch dedicated private servers and bare-metal hosting solutions.
  • Intended Use: Ideal for companies that require full control over their hosting environment. We offer excellent security, uptime, and flexibility, making us a perfect choice for businesses with high-performance demands, strict security needs, and a preference for customizable server configurations.

Server Basket

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs): Small to medium sized businesses that need cost-effective and reliable hosting solutions.
  • Intended Use: Server Basket is suitable for businesses looking for affordable server options with ease of use. Their services are ideal for companies that require standard hosting solutions without the need for extensive customization or advanced technical configurations. This makes Server Basket a good fit for startups, small to medium e-commerce sites, and businesses seeking budget-friendly hosting.

RedSwitches or Server Basket: Which One To Choose?

RedSwitches or Server Basket: Which One To Choose?

Here’s a comparison to help you decide between RedSwitches vs Server Basket.

Consider RedSwitches if:

  • You Need Maximum Performance: We offer high-performance servers with advanced hardware configurations. You get the most out of your investment.
  • Complete Control is Essential: We allow extensive customization, fully controlling your server setup to meet specific business needs.
  • You Have Technical Expertise: Our services are ideal for users with the technical know-how to manage and optimize a dedicated server environment effectively.

Consider Server Basket if:

  • Affordability is a Priority: Server Basket offers cost-effective solutions that cater to businesses with tight budgets.
  • Ease of Use is Important: Server Basket provides user-friendly services that are easy to set up and manage, even for those with limited technical skills.
  • You Need Basic Configurations: The provider’s offerings might be enough if your needs are more standard and do not require extensive customization.


Choosing between RedSwitches vs Server Basket is a matter of your business needs and priorities.

If you’re after a hosting service that offers high customization, exceptional performance, and advanced security, RedSwitches is the ideal choice. However, if you value affordability and ease of use, Server Basket might be the better option.

By evaluating the unique offerings of each provider, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.

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