RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP

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RedSwitches, established in 2011, and PhoenixNAP, founded in 2009, are renowned hosting providers. With years of experience, the providers are two prominent names that come up for anyone looking for hosting solutions.

However, how is one supposed to pick between the two?

Deciding between RedSwitches and PhoenixNAP requires an in-depth comparison of several factors. Keeping that in mind, we have compared both providers regarding certain key aspects below.

Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

  1. RedSwitches vs PhoneixNAP In a Quick Glance
    1. Online Reputation: RedSwitches
    2. Online Reputation: PhoenixNAP
  2. Service Comparison: RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP
    1. RedSwitches
    2. PhoenixNAP
  3. RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP – A Comprehensive Overview
    1. Pricing & Costs
    2. Best Dedicated Server
    3. Best Bare-Metal Servers
    4. Set-Up Process
    5. Performance & Speed
    6. Data Center & Inventory
    7. Scalability & Ease of Use
    8. Target Audience and Intended Use
  4. RedSwitches or PhoenixNAP: Which One To Choose?
  5. Conclusion – RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP

RedSwitches vs PhoneixNAP In a Quick Glance

RedSwitches vs PhoneixNAP In a Quick Glance

Are you looking to compare both RedSwitches vs PhoneixNAP side-by-side? The table below includes all the important details:

If you are familiar with the providers, you must know this for a final verdict. However, for those new to this hosting space, more information may be necessary for informed decision-making. Keep reading if you wish to learn more about RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP.

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Online Reputation: RedSwitches

Online Reputation: RedSwitches

Credits: Trustpilot

RedSwitches has left a mark in the hosting industry thanks to our high-performance, dedicated, and bare metal hosting capabilities. Online reviews boast customers appreciate our 24/7 customer support, the quick response times, and the ability to assist with technicalities linked with hosting solutions.

Many reviews also highlight the 99.99% uptime guarantee and connectivity benefits we offer, thanks to our 20+ global data centers. Interested in learning more about what users have to say about our services? Visit HostingSeekers, HostAdvice, or Trustpilot.

Online Reputation: PhoenixNAP

Online Reputation: PhoenixNAP

Credits: Website Planet

PhoenixNAP is known for its extensive hosting solutions catering to different industries. Clients appreciate the provider’s flexibility and the breadth of services, including cloud, dedicated, and managed hosting. PhoenixNAP’s customer support is often highlighted for its responsiveness and expertise.

To learn more about what customers think about the providers, you can visit TrustPilot, TechRadar, or Website Planet.

Service Comparison: RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP

Service Comparison: RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP

Here is detailed information on the services offered by RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP for an in-depth look at their hosting capabilities.



Credits: Redswitches Homepage

RedSwitches is a pioneer in dedicated hosting services, mainly known for top-notch, dedicated, and bare-metal hosting solutions. Our hosting solutions stand out for performance, customizability, flexibility, and scalability. We are also recognized for offering 99.99% uptime, 24/7 instant ‘human’ support, free DDoS protection, and quick provisioning (< 4 hours).

Here are more details on our services:

  • Dedicated Private Server

As stated above, our dedicated and bare metal solutions are the talk of the town due to their high-performance potential. These servers are highly customizable, and you can choose between CPUs from reputed providers like Intel and AMD. They can also be scaled as needed and come with superior 24/7 support.

  • Built-in and Off-Server Backups

Managing large amounts of critical data can be nerve-wracking for businesses, especially concerning data loss or corruption. To address these issues, we offer integrated backup drives and external backups. These measures provide peace of mind and ensure that your data remains secure.

  • 24/7 On-Site Support

If customers have any queries at any date or time, they can contact our responsive 24/7 support for assistance. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff goes above and beyond to address any queries or issues. Support is available through chat, email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram.

  • Scalability and Multiple Data Center Locations

Whether you want added resources or wish to downscale your current resources, anything is possible at RedSwitches. We boast more than 20 data centers across four major countries. This helps us keep servers near your customers and offer the best performance and low latency.

  • Customizable Hardware and User-Friendly Client Portal

Clients can choose their preferred server hardware configurations. We also offer a user-friendly client portal to ease the management of support requests and hosting resources and ensure server management is simple and efficient for customers.

  • DDoS Protection and IPMI Access

We offer free DDoS protection with all plans to ensure all customers can access advanced security without incurring extra expenses. We also provide IPMI access to ensure those who like to remain on the go can manage their servers remotely.

  • Additional Services

Our additional services include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), managed solutions, and smart servers. We aim to support various industries, including crypto, SaaS, IPTV, VPN, established enterprises, and content delivery networks (CDN).

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Credits: PhoenixNAP

PhoenixNAP is a globally recognized provider of innovative IT solutions. The provider claims to focus on reliability, security, and performance. Some of their service offerings include colocation, bare metal cloud, cloud services, backup and restore solutions, and advanced security offerings.

Here are more details on their services:

  • Colocation

PhoenixNAP’s colocation services provide businesses with scalable, safe, and reliable data center solutions. With their collocation facilities, clients can securely house their critical IT infrastructure while maintaining control over their hardware. These facilities come with power, cooling, and connectivity options.

  • Bare Metal Cloud

PhoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud combines the benefits of both cloud services and dedicated private servers. This service allows businesses to deploy high-performance, single-tenant servers on demand, providing unparalleled control and customization.

  • Servers

PhoenixNAP offers a range of server solutions. Their dedicated servers provide high-performance hardware with full customization options, ensuring businesses can optimize their server environment for specific applications.

  • Cloud

PhoenixNAP’s cloud services encompass managed private cloud, data security cloud, edge computing, etc. Managed Private Cloud provides a secure, dedicated environment custom to business needs. Data Security Cloud focuses on protecting sensitive data. Edge Computing extends cloud capabilities closer to the user.

  • Backup and Restore Solutions

PhoenixNAP’s backup and restore solutions ensure businesses can recover quickly from data loss incidents. Their disaster recovery services provide robust failover capabilities Backup solutions offer secure, reliable data storage and quick recovery options.

  • Security Offerings

PhoenixNAP’s security offerings cover data security cloud, encryption management, ransomware protection, DDoS protection, etc. The Data Security Cloud provides a secure environment for sensitive data, while the Encryption Management Platform ensures data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP – A Comprehensive Overview

RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP - A Comprehensive Overview

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Even though both RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP have similar offerings, they may cater to customers with varying use cases and needs. Here, we compare both providers in terms of various factors, including pricing, target users, scalability, and more:

Pricing & Costs

Here, we compare the pricing and costs of RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP:


  • Competitive Pricing in Multiple Locations: Pricing starts at $25/month (Montreal), €99-€113/month (Asia), and €40/month (Europe).
  • Transparent Pricing: No set-up cost or hidden fees.
  • High-Performance Uses: Best for use cases requiring top-tier performance.
  • Long-Term Savings: Exciting discounts for long-term clients/commitments.
  • Custom Add-Ons: Options for added features like server racks.


  • Varied Pricing: Offers several plans with competitive pricing across different locations. Dedicated private servers are priced between $49.00 to $1,399.00.
  • Transparent Billing: Clear pricing structure but may include additional costs for certain features.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Includes monthly, annual, and custom payment plans to suit various business needs.
  • Value Packages: Combines hosting with additional services like backup and security for extensive solutions.

Best Dedicated Server

Here, we compare RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP in regards to their dedicated private server offerings:


  • Speedy Provisioning: Servers ready in less than 4 hours (provisioning times may vary depending on customizations selected).
  • Free DDoS Protection: Included with all plans to safeguard against attacks.
  • Complete Control: Full customization with the latest Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • High-Performance: Optimized infrastructure for demanding applications.
  • Predictable Expenses: Fixed monthly costs for easy budgeting.


  • Customizable Dedicated Servers: Offers multiple configuration options with the latest hardware.
  • Security Features: Includes advanced security measures like DDoS protection and firewall options.
  • Managed Services: Provides optional managed services for businesses needing additional support.

Best Bare-Metal Servers

Here, we compare RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP in regards to their best bare metal server offerings:


  • Powerful Bare-Metal Options: Exceptionally powerful bare-metal servers developed to manage demanding applications effortlessly.
  • Customizable Hardware: Extensive hardware customization options allow clients to customize their servers.
  • Quick Setup: Servers are usually set up in less than 4 hours (any delays due to extensive customizations are communicated beforehand).
  • Global Locations: Global connectivity and low latency for international businesses thanks to 20+ strategically situated data centers. Locations include Australia, San Fransico, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Washington DC, etc.


  • Reliable Performance: Offers reliable bare-metal cloud servers that cater to various business needs.
  • Customization: Provides all standard customization capabilities, including customizable CPUs, bandwidth, RAM, etc.
  • Deployment Speed: Offers rapid deployment services, ensuring servers are up and running quickly.
  • Data Center Presence: Operates several data centers in locations, including the US, Asia, and Europe, to help maintain high performance.

Set-Up Process

Here, we compare the set-up process of RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP:


  • Picking Your Hardware: Clients can choose from various hardware options, with expert guidance available to ensure the best fit for their needs.
  • Operating System Installation: Various OS (operating systems) allow easy installation of the preferred OS.
  • Configuration and Deployment: The setup process is streamlined, enabling quick configuration and deployment of servers.
  • Quick Setup (< 4 hours): The servers are set up within 4 hours, with any expected delays communicated to the clients beforehand.
  • Access and Management: Clients can access remote management capabilities (SSH access and control panel options).


  • Configuration Selection and Customization: Choose and customize your server configuration.
  • Payment and Confirmation: Complete payment and receive a confirmation email with server details.
  • Software Installation: Install the operating system and necessary software.
  • Network Configuration: Configure network settings and security protocols.

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Performance & Speed

Here, we compare the performance and speed of RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP:


  • Raw Power: Our servers feature cutting-edge Intel and AMD processors that deliver excellent computing power.
  • I/O Performance: Our NVMe SSDs offer unparalleled input/output performance, improving overall server speed and efficiency.
  • High Uptime: A high uptime guarantee of 99.99% contributes to overall reliability and performance continuity.
  • Optimized for Speed: We configure our servers to ensure rapid loading times and efficient data processing.


  • Power: CPUs from top providers like AMD and Intel ensure exceptional power capabilities.
  • I/O Performance: NVMe SSDs deliver outstanding input/output performance, enhancing server speed.
  • High Uptime: High uptime offers peace of mind for customers and ensures reliability and performance.
  • Optimized for Speed: Configured to provide superior data processing and fast load times for even the most demanding use cases.

Data Center & Inventory

Here, we compare RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP in terms of data center and inventory:


  • Extensive Inventory (500+ Servers): We allow customers to pick from more than 500 server options to accommodate diverse business needs.
  • Owns and Operates Its Data Centers: Maintains greater control over infrastructure and security measures in 20+ data centers.
  • Broad Range of Server Hardware Configurations: Provides diverse hardware configurations to suit various requirements.
  • Improved Connectivity: Extensive global network connectivity ensures fast and reliable service to users worldwide.


  • Global Data Center Presence: Operates 6 US, Asia, and Europe data centers.
  • Diverse Server Inventory: Offers various server options to cater to different business needs.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Implements strong security protocols to protect data and infrastructure.
  • Scalable Solutions: Provides flexible and scalable server solutions to accommodate growing businesses.

Scalability & Ease of Use

Here, we compare the scalability and ease of use of RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP:


  • Various Support Channels: Numerous support channels (live chat, WhatsApp, email, and phone) to ensure comprehensive customer support.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel: Intuitive control panel to ensure effortless server management for beginners and experts.
  • Fully Customizable Servers: Extensive hardware and software customization to meet business needs.
  • Flexible Scaling: Easy and flexible scaling of server resources to adapt to changing business demands.


  • Dynamic Resource Allocation: Effortlessly adjust resources to match your growing needs.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: An easy-to-navigate dashboard simplifies server administration.
  • Automated Provisioning: Speedy provisioning of servers lowers downtime and boosts productivity.
  • Extensive Documentation: Detailed guides and tutorials help users navigate the setup and management process efficiently.

Target Audience and Intended Use

Here, we compare the target audience and intended use of RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP:


  • Target Audience: Tech-savvy users and businesses of all sizes requiring high-performance, customizable solutions.
  • Intended Use: Ideal for demanding applications that need robust performance, security, and scalability, such as large enterprises and businesses with specific technical requirements.


  • Target Audience: IT professionals, developers, and businesses needing robust and scalable infrastructure solutions.
  • Intended Use: Suitable for hosting applications, websites, databases, and virtual environments; managing high-performance workloads, supporting development and testing environments, etc.

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RedSwitches or PhoenixNAP: Which One To Choose?

RedSwitches or PhoenixNAP: Which One To Choose?

Do you still feel confused about which hosting provider to pick? Here are some considerations to supplement decision-making:

Consider RedSwitches if:

  • Top performance is a must: We excel in delivering high-performance server solutions.
  • You need full control: We offer extensive customization and control options.
  • You require 24/7 top-tier support: We provide round-the-clock premium support.

Consider PhoenixNAP if:

  • Scalability is crucial: PhoenixNAP offers flexible and scalable infrastructure.
  • You want comprehensive security: PhoenixNAP provides advanced security features and protocols.
  • Scalability is key: Good for businesses that need flexible and scalable server solutions.

Conclusion – RedSwitches vs PhoenixNAP

RedSwitches and PhoenixNAP offer compelling advantages, each excelling in distinct areas. RedSwitches impresses with its flexibility, high performance, and customizable solutions. PhoenixNAP, with its extensive services and industry-specific solutions.

Ultimately, the choice between RedSwitches and PhoenixNAP will depend on your needs for customization, scalability, and the type of support you require. If you have decided to go with RedSwitches, contact us here to learn more.

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