RedSwitches vs OVH: An In-Depth Comparison in 2024

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RedSwitches vs OVH

Key Takeaways

  • RedSwitches specializes in customizable high-performance servers.
  • OVH offers a broader range of scalable and cost-effective services.
  • RedSwitches provides a smooth and quick setup process with expert support.
  • OVH’s setup might require more technical knowledge and time.
  • RedSwitches focuses on speed and power while OVH offers extensive scalability and reliable service.
  • RedSwitches targets high-demand industries with rapid deployment and robust security.
  • OVH caters to a diverse clientele looking for economical and eco-friendly options.
  • Customer support at RedSwitches is highly accessible and personalized.
  • OVH employs a more automated support system with extensive self-help resources.
  • RedSwitches offers competitive pricing without setup fees and OVH includes setup fees that could impact initial costs.
  • Both RedSwitches and OVH support Windows OS.
  • RedSwitches offers an intuitive control panel for all users. OVH’s solutions, although scalable, might challenge less tech-savvy users.
  • RedSwitches updates its technologies regularly for peak performance. However, OVH integrates eco-friendly practices and advanced AI into its services.

With increasing competition in every sector today, businesses constantly seek solutions to help them stand out. This is where dedicated hosted servers come in, with unparalleled performance, security features, and more.

Securing dedicated hosted servers from a reputable provider is important if you want to maintain a competitive edge. When seeking providers, you may come across RedSwitches and OVH. Since each provider has its features, pros and cons, etc., it is important to compare them carefully.

This blog revolves around RedSwitches vs OVH. It will help you make an informed decision. Stay tuned as we explore how these providers measure up against the demands of modern enterprises.

Table of Contents

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. RedSwitches: An Overview
    1. Key Features
    2. Pros & Cons
  3. OVH: An Overview
    1. Key Features
    2. Pros & Cons
  4. RedSwitches vs OVH – Detailed Comparison
    1. RedSwitches vs OVH: Service Offering
    2. RedSwitches vs OVH: Set-Up Process
    3. RedSwitches vs OVH: Performance & Speed
    4. RedSwitches vs OVH: Target Users
    5. RedSwitches vs OVH: Global Infrastructure
    6. RedSwitches vs OVH: Enterprise Support Services
    7. RedSwitches vs OVH: Pricing & Costs
    8. RedSwitches vs OVH: Compatibility with Windows OS
    9. RedSwitches vs OVH: Security Features
    10. RedSwitches vs OVH: Scalability & Ease of Use
    11. RedSwitches vs OVH: Innovation and Updates
    12. RedSwitches vs OVH: Best Dedicated Servers
    13. RedSwitches vs OVH: Best Bare-Metal Servers
  5. When to Pick between RedSwitches vs OVH?
  6. Conclusion – RedSwitches vs OVH
  7. FAQs

RedSwitches: An Overview

RedSwitches: An Overview

Credits: RedSwitches

At RedSwitches, we deliver high-quality dedicated and bare metal server solutions backed by over a decade of industry expertise. We have a transparent pricing policy, and our global network spans over 20 data centers.

Keep reading to learn more about us.

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Key Features

Key Features

We are known for offering the following key features:

Powerful Bare Metal and Dedicated Servers

We deliver high-performance servers engineered for stability and speed. Our dedicated hosted servers are ideal for demanding applications that require powerful processing capacities.

100% Customizable

Every aspect of your server at RS can be tweaked. You can increase or decrease the RAM or disk space to fit your needs. Customization empowers businesses to develop tailored solutions for their unique needs and requirements.

Latest Intel and AMD CPUs

Our servers include the latest CPUs from established providers like AMD and Intel. This helps guarantee top-tier processing power. We ensure your operations always run on cutting-edge technology.

Quick Provisioning

We prioritize efficiency and commit to deploying and setting up servers in less than four hours. Complex configurations that require more time are communicated upfront. Our priority is to keep clients well-informed about the provisioning timeline.

No Setup or Hidden Costs

Ever since our launch, we have prioritized transparency with customers. We offer a zero-setup fee and have a no-hidden-cost policy. Whatever you have to pay is clearly presented to you.

Free Server Management

RedSwitches provides server management services at no additional cost. We understand the struggles of running a small business, as we have been through them. By charging zero fees for server management, we aim to support businesses of all sizes. We want you to benefit from expert management without the extra financial burden.

20+ Global Server Locations

With more than 20 data centers in different locations worldwide, we ensure fast data delivery and low latency. This helps her provide unmatched speeds and ensure a smooth user experience.

Omni-channel Support

Customer support at RedSwitches is accessible through multiple channels. We are available 24/7 via live chat, email, phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype, ensuring help is always a click or call away.

User-friendly Server Management Panel

Our server management panel is designed for ease of use. It allows clients to monitor and adjust their server settings and configurations effortlessly. Even less tech-savvy customers can use it with ease.

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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Here are the key pros and cons of RS:


  • Established Expertise: We bring over a decade of experience in the field, ensuring reliable service.
  • Straightforward Pricing: We do not believe in charging hidden fees. We aim to ensure transparency, especially in pricing.
  • Global Data Center Reach: Our network of data centers extends to more than 20 locations worldwide, facilitating broad geographic coverage.
  • Robust Security Measures: We implement advanced DDoS protection to guard your critical data.
  • Competitive Pricing for Bare Metal Servers: We offer value through competitively priced server options.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: We accept various payment methods. Examples include credit cards/debit cards, PayPal, and digital currencies (Bitcoin).
  • Complimentary Server Management: Our server management services are completely free. This helps reduce overhead for your business.


  • Backup Processes: Customers must handle backups manually. Automatic backup services are not currently provided.
  • Technical Savvy Required: Some advanced hosting solutions may demand a concrete understanding of technological aspects to use their capabilities fully.

OVH: An Overview

OVH: An Overview

Credits: OVH

OVH is a renowned provider of cloud services that help businesses/individuals across the globe manage their digital needs. They offer numerous hosting solutions that fit the requirements of various businesses.

Key Features

Key Features

OVH boasts the following features:

Extensive Server Options

OVH offers many server options, including shared hosting, VPS, and cloud solutions. This variety ensures that there is a hosting solution for everyone.

Affordable Pricing

OVH’s services are priced competitively. However, unlike RedSwitches, they do charge a one-time setup fee. Flexible payment plans allow customers to choose a service model that best suits their financial capabilities

Global Data Centers

Like RS, OVH ensures lower latency and faster data access for your services. This global presence helps boost the performance of your services and web applications.

Robust Security

OVH implements strict security. Examples include physical and network security to protect your data. Advanced firewalls and DDoS protection are standard with their packages.


OVH’s services can scale with you. Upgrading your resources is simple. This feature ensures your hosting can keep up with your business’s expansion without issues.

Energy Efficiency

Like RS, they focus on sustainability via green technology in their data centers. This approach helps reduce environmental impact. It optimizes energy usage to keep costs low for clients.

24/7 Support

OVH provides round-the-clock customer support through email, live chat, and phone. No matter the time of day, help is available to ensure your services run smoothly.

Innovative Technologies

OVH continuously updates its technology to provide high-performance hosting services. This commitment to innovation means clients always enjoy access to cutting-edge technology.

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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Here are the key pros and cons of OVH:


  • Wide Range of Options: OVH offers various services, from web hosting to cloud solutions. They satisfy the needs of various users.
  • Cost-Effective: Their services are reasonably priced. This makes them a suitable option for those on a budget.
  • Scalable Solutions: OVH’s services can expand as your business grows to meet your rising needs. This helps eliminate the need to switch to another provider.
  • Global Presence: OVH has data centers in several countries. This helps improve website speed and service availability around the world.
  • Eco-Friendly: The provider’s commitment to energy-efficient technology and renewable energy sources in their data centers.
  • Innovative Technology: OVH adopts the latest technology. This ensures that customers always have access to cutting-edge solutions.


  • Customer Service: Some users report that OVH’s customer support can be slow and not as helpful as needed. This can be a considerable drawback for those new to this industry.
  • Complex Setup: Setting up services with OVH can be complicated. This may be a factor to consider for the less tech-savvy.
  • Limited Customization: While OVH offers many services, there may be fewer customization options than providers like RedSwitches. Those looking for advanced customization are better off picking RS.

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RedSwitches vs OVH – Detailed Comparison

So, how do I pick between RedSwitches vs OVH? This is a common query most individuals/business owners are left with when given a choice between the providers. The answer is an in-depth comparison of both provider’s offerings:

RedSwitches vs OVH: Service Offering

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of service offering:


RedSwitches specializes in high-performance dedicated and bare metal servers. These servers are demanding applications with speed and reliability. We provide great customization. Each part of a server can be tweaked. We also guarantee speedy server setup, frequently within a few hours. Our 24/7 customer assistance via several channels.


OVH’s service offerings include dedicated hosted servers, shared hosting, VPS, and cloud solutions. They specialize in low-cost, scalable solutions that are expandable to some extent to meet their clients’ demands. OVH also has a large worldwide presence like RS. They are devoted to adopting eco-friendly technologies in their operations.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Set-Up Process

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of the set-up process:


We don’t like complicating things. From the start, we aimed to ensure a smooth and easy setup process. We ensure that clients can start their projects without lengthy delays. The process is streamlined and supported by a team of experts available to assist with setup challenges. This makes the process user-friendly, even for those with limited technical backgrounds.


Setup with OVH can be more complex and may require a better understanding of technical details. While they offer many options, the customization/configuration process can be daunting for those who are less tech-savvy. OVH provides detailed guides and support. The initial setup might take longer than RedSwitches.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Performance & Speed

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of performance and speed:


We provide high-performance servers engineered for stability and speed. With quick provisioning and the use of the latest Intel/AMD CPUs, we ensure your operations are running on the newest technology. This focus on powerful servers makes us ideal for demanding applications that require robust processing capabilities.


OVH also offers strong performance due to its global presence with multiple data centers worldwide. This global reach helps the provider boost website speed and minimize latency for a smooth user experience. OVH’s scalable infrastructure supports expanding business demands, ensuring consistent performance even as needs grow.

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RedSwitches vs OVH: Target Users

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of target users:


We target businesses that need high-performance, customizable, dedicated hosted servers and bare metal solutions. Our services are suited for companies requiring powerful computing resources. We offer rapid deployment (usually 4 hours) and robust security options. This makes us a perfect match for industries like big data and digital media.


OVH serves a large population, ranging from small startups to major corporations. They provide several services, including VPS, shared hosting, and cloud solutions. OVH appeals to enterprises searching for scalable and cost-effective solutions. It is a good option if you strongly emphasize data security and environmentally sustainable methods.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Global Infrastructure

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of global infrastructure:


We operate with a focus on high-performance and reliable service. As mentioned above, our standout feature is our global data centers. Our infrastructure is designed to cater to businesses requiring robust and efficient digital operations. We ensure that server resources are available exactly where and when needed.


As discussed above, OVH has established data centers across various countries. This wide-reaching presence supports a global customer base, improves redundancy, and improves service delivery. OVH’s commitment to maintaining a vast and eco-friendly infrastructure. This makes it a good contender for businesses looking to leverage global resources effectively.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Enterprise Support Services

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of support services:


We are known for our exceptional support offerings. Customers benefit from 24/7 access to a trained team of experts through channels such as email, Skype, WhatsApp, live chat, and phone. This ensures quick and efficient resolution of any issues. We emphasize a commitment to high customer satisfaction and minimal downtime.


OVH offers good support but focuses on a broad, automated approach. They provide ample self-help resources and community forums that allow users to troubleshoot issues independently. While they offer 24/7 technical support, the response times can vary, and the approach is generally more suited for users who prefer self-management over direct assistance.

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RedSwitches vs OVH: Pricing & Costs

RedSwitches vs OVH: Pricing & Costs

Credits: FreePik

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of pricing and costs:


One of the top advantages of picking us is our approach to pricing. The absence of setup fees for our servers is also a key benefit. This can help businesses meet their savings goals. Businesses that are scaling up or need multiple servers can cut their costs significantly. Our zero setup fee policy makes our server solutions accessible and cost-effective compared to other providers.

Our pricing is also very competitive across various regions:

  • North America: Our most affordable server is located in Montreal, Canada, and costs €24.
  • Europe: Frankfurt and Amsterdam’s cheapest servers are available, each priced at €40.
  • Asia: Our pricing varies with the locations in Asia. In Hong Kong, the lowest-priced server is €113, while in Mumbai, it is €99.


OVH typically includes setup fees for its servers. These fees can vary depending on the server type and the configurations required. Customers need to factor in these costs when budgeting for services with OVH, as this can elevate the initial investment needed to get started.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Compatibility with Windows OS

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of Windows OS:


At RedSwitches, we support Windows OS across both dedicated and bare metal servers. We provide a smooth experience for users looking to deploy Windows-based applications and ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Windows Server. This makes us highly suitable for businesses that use Microsoft technologies.


OVH also supports Windows OS on its servers, offering flexibility in choosing different versions of Windows. OVH’s global infrastructure further improves the reliability and performance of Windows-based systems, making it a good pick for businesses offering their services internationally.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Security Features

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of security features:


All our service offerings come with excellent security, meeting all international security standards. We implement advanced DDoS protection to protect customer data from malicious attacks. Our dedicated hosted servers include powerful security measures to ensure secure operations. We also enforce strict access controls and regular security audits to sustain a secure hosting environment.


OVH also provides security features, including its own anti-DDoS protection and a compliant approach to data protection that deals with global standards like GDPR. OVH’s infrastructure is designed to offer resilience and redundancy. The provider also offers SSL certificates and the option for private networking to improve security further.

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RedSwitches vs OVH: Scalability & Ease of Use

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of scalability and ease of use:


We offer highly scalable server solutions that can extend smoothly with your business experience growth. Our control panel is developed to be user-friendly for beginners and specialists. It provides an intuitive interface that streamlines the management of server resources. It simplifies everything, including making it easy to:

  • Adjust configurations.
  • Add storage.
  • Scale up processing power (without the need for deep technical knowledge).

This accessibility ensures that users of all skill levels can efficiently manage their services.


OVH also offers scalable solutions for organizations of different sizes. While their services are good, the user experience may be slightly displeasing for the less technologically savvy individuals. Their control interface and setup procedure have a steeper learning curve. This may be a consideration for new users who want a simple and easy-to-manage server environment.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Innovation and Updates

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of innovation and updates:


We are committed to staying updated with technological changes. We constantly update our server hardware and software, ensuring high performance and security for all users. Our focus on powerful bare metal and dedicated hosted servers caters to high-demand applications. Hence, our offerings include the latest technological advancements.


OVH also ensures innovation, focusing on eco-friendly technology and global data center expansion. They continually integrate the latest AI and machine learning trends into their services. OVH’s approach to updates and innovation focuses on providing versatile and scalable solutions.

RedSwitches vs OVH: Best Dedicated Servers

RedSwitches vs OVH: Best Dedicated Servers

Credits: FreePik

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of best dedicated servers:


We offer high-performance, dedicated, hosted servers. Our servers are the epitome of speed, stability, and reliability. The cherry on top is our quick provisioning and zero setup. Servers are up and running in less than four hours. Our services are also highly customizable. You can tweak everything from RAM to disk space to fit requirements. Our dedicated hosted servers are backed by customer support and available 24/7 across multiple channels.


OVH also offers dedicated hosted server options. Its powerful global presence, with data centers worldwide, helps deliver low-latency and reliable service. OVH is committed to eco-friendly practices, using energy-efficient technology in its data centers. However, it may require more technical knowledge for setup and management. Some users have also reported slower customer service response times.

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RedSwitches vs OVH: Best Bare-Metal Servers

Here is a comparison of RedSwitches vs OVH in terms of best bare-metal servers:


We offer customizable and powerful bare-metal servers. These servers are best for businesses that require robust performance and distinct configurations. Our services are backed by a user-friendly management panel, free server management, and support, ensuring a positive and cost-effective experience.


OVH offers several low-cost, scalable, bare-metal server alternatives. It is known for its environmentally responsible attitude and uses energy-efficient technologies throughout its broad worldwide network. However, OVH’s setup procedure can be complicated, and customer care responses may be delayed, which could be a substantial con for some users.

RedSwitches vs OVH

When to Pick between RedSwitches vs OVH?

When to Pick between RedSwitches vs OVH?

Credits: FreePik

Still unsure of which to choose between, RedSwitches vs OVH? Ask yourself the following questions for clarity:

  • What type of hosting service do I need?

Evaluate if you need dedicated hosted servers, cloud hosting, or VPS solutions. Consider your business size and the nature of your projects.

  • How much server customization do I require?

If you need considerable customization for your servers, RedSwitches may be the best option.

  • What is my budget for hosting services?

Compare the pricing structures of RedSwitches vs OVH. Don’t forget to factor in any potential setup fees or additional costs for managed services.

  • How critical is server uptime to my operations?

Inquire about each provider’s uptime guarantees and how they manage data disaster recovery and redundancy.

  • Do I require assistance with server management?

Evaluate if you need fully managed services. Understand how each provider supports these needs, especially if you don’t have an in-house IT department.

  • What level of technical support do I expect?

Understand the support channels available from RedSwitches vs OVH and their responsiveness via user reviews.

  • How quickly do I need my server to be operational?

Ask about the provisioning timelines and the process for both standard and custom configurations to ensure they fit your project timelines.

  • What security measures are in place?

Discuss each hosting provider’s security protocols. Consider physical security at data centers and cybersecurity measures.

  • What is their policy on scalability?

Find out how easy it is to scale your services with each provider as your business flourishes and needs grow.

Conclusion – RedSwitches vs OVH

Both RedSwitches vs OVH have their strengths and weaknesses. RedSwitches is known for its promise of high performance, exceptional customer support, and flexible configuration options. On the other hand, OVH offers extensive services with a competitive pricing structure, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

RedSwitches is a compelling choice if you are looking for premium, highly customizable services. Our dedicated attention to delivering high-quality, trustworthy service has granted us a positive reputation in the hosting industry. We have garnered a 4.8 TrustPilot rating, with the platform boasting happy customer reviews.

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Q. Which VPS is best?

The best VPS depends on your specific needs, such as scalability, budget, and technical requirements. To find the suitable option for you, it is best to research each provider’s unique features, pros and cons, etc.

Q. What are the pros and cons of VPS?

Due to dedicated resources like CPU, VPS hosting offers more flexibility and control than shared hosting. However, it requires more technical know-how and can be more costly.

Q. What hosting plans do RedSwitches and OVH offer?

RedSwitches offers dedicated hosting plans tailored for high performance and customization. OVH provides a variety of hosting solutions, including cloud hosting, web hosting services, and virtual servers.

Q. How do the managed services differ between these hosting providers?

RedSwitches provides fully managed dedicated hosted servers, ensuring complete control and management of your server. OVH offers managed hosting with different levels of management, depending on the service chosen.

Q. What is the advantage of choosing a fully managed hosting plan?

Fully managed hosting plans give you peace of mind by handling the technical management of your servers. This includes security, maintenance, and updates, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about server management.

Q. Can I expect fast connections and reliable hosting with both providers?

Yes, both RedSwitches and OVH ensure fast connections and reliable hosting by utilizing global secure data centers. This infrastructure helps deliver consistent and high-speed service.

Q. How does the setup work for RedSwitches and OVH?

RedSwitches focuses on a smooth and easy setup process, quickly and efficiently getting your servers running. OVH’s setup can be more complex, requiring a deeper understanding of configurations to meet specific needs.

Q. Do RedSwitches and OVH offer cloud servers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

Yes, both providers offer cloud servers. OVH extensively provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which includes cloud and virtual server options. RedSwitches focuses primarily on high-performance dedicated and bare-metal servers.

Q. What types of hosting experiences can I expect from these providers?

RedSwitches aims to provide a streamlined and supportive hosting experience with their dedicated and managed services. OVH offers a range of hosting experiences, from domain names to cloud and Windows hosting.

Q. Which provider should I choose if I need dedicated hosting for a large enterprise?

RedSwitches is ideal if you require scalable, highly customizable, and performance-oriented dedicated servers. OVH might suit enterprises needing various types of scalable hosting solutions.

Q. Is OVH in the US?

Yes, OVH services are available for US-based individuals/businesses.

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