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When it comes to hosting your application, your website, or even your entire IT infrastructure, you have a choice of selecting from innumerable companies offering these services. Whether you are a small start-up or part of the IT team of a large enterprise, selecting the right hosting partner will ensure your peace of mind so that you can focus on growing your business, free from glitches that could potentially hamper your activities.

When you are looking to select your service provider, you should keep these three things in mind:

  1. The services and features available should cater to your present and future needs
  2. The services and support provided by your vendor should be reliable and responsive
  3. The quality of hardware and software used by the vendor should match or exceed your expectations

At RedSwitches, we have a passion for helping businesses like yours find the right solution for your most critical problems. It is this passion that consistently earns us raving customers and has helped us grow to a global business with servers in 6 countries and high-speed access to the entire world.

The following are the aspects of our business that make us truly unique in the world of hosting service providers and an ideal choice as your hosting services partner:

Wide range of solutions that can meet your every need

Whether you are looking for a dedicated server for your business or just a cloud solution, we have a wide range of options for you to choose from:

If you need a dedicated server, you can select from our high-quality Bare-Metal Servers which provide you raw processing power and ultimate security for your most critical and demanding applications. In case you do not want to spend your focus on your IT infrastructure, you could also choose to put your servers in our talented hands by purchasing our Managed Dedicated Servers services where we ensure high availability, world-class security, enterprise-level support, and disaster recovery for your infrastructure. If you require the speed, control, and security of a dedicated server but also want the cost-efficiencies of virtualization, we can also provide you world-class Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting services on high availability nodes that are completely customizable and lightning-fast at an unbeatable price. With RedSwitches, you also have the option to avail our specialized Infrastructure Hosting Services where we can help you set up and manage your infrastructure for your complex business requirements. Our network engineers love challenges, and if you have any, we are eager to help you! If you are a start-up looking to host your applications on the cloud, RedSwitches Platform as a Service (PAAS) is just the right choice as we provide smart, simple, and fast cloud deployment and hosting which give you a pain-free application development environment. With Red Switches, you get instant access to the environments and tools you need to design ground-breaking applications without worrying about setting up and managing the infrastructure.

High-Quality Hardware and Infrastructure

We at RedSwitches take great pride in our hardware and the quality and speed of our networks. We have thousands of powerful servers located in 6 countries, with high-speed access to the rest of the world. Our branded servers are configured to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements, providing > 99% uptime while our software is designed to make hosting a smooth experience.

Services the Customers Rave About

While we are the best at hardware, quality, and speed of our network, our real passion lies in helping businesses solve their most critical problems. From our desk staff to our infrastructure engineers, everyone at RedSwitches shares a singular goal – making your hosting experience as easy as possible, so that you can focus on your core business.

Our customers are designers, developers, entrepreneurs, e-retailers, streaming services, SaaS companies, and more. They need services that are fast, reliable, and cost-efficient and so, we help them get what they need i.e. servers, service, or advice, to give them the confidence that their apps, websites, and services will function reliably, while they are focused on what they do best.

That’s why RedSwitches customers know that they can count on us to provide the best and most attentive service in the hosting industry – because, without their success, we don’t succeed.

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Try this guide with our instant dedicated server for as low as 40 Euros