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Application servers need to host critical application loads in the cloud. OnApp makes it easy for clients to install, manage & update apps on the cloud, with an intuitive OnApp control panel as well as leverage rapid testing & development environments with just a few clicks.

What Is OnApp?

OnApp is a remarkable cloud management platform designed for testing & development, integrated with content delivery, as well as storage area networks. The release of OnApp in 2010 had simple offerings for its customers regarding servers being converted into IaaS infrastructures with state-of-the-art tools like firewalls, load balancers, & other management features. The “cloud in a box” was a concept to integrate all the three services viz, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) & Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Application Servers can be defined as virtual servers with OnApp, but with the power to deploy, configure & manage various applications in the cloud.

End-to-End Enterprise Benefits

OnApp delivered capabilities that couldn’t be achieved from other infrastructure technology providers. It changed VPS management technology by miles. It gave users the advantage of –

  • Pre-configured OS templates – that saves installation time & mitigates configuration issues, whilst saving money & maintenance on traditional servers
  • CPU management – OnApp manages your CPU allocation with a KVM powered VPS –with CPU priority for cloud stability & leveraging available resources
  • DR Solutions-Real-time disaster recovery solutions deliver complete extensive backup & recovery of critical files in the cloud
  • Quick Onboarding- Easy installation features with ready to run tools for full customization – with the automation of various VPS services like clusters, managed VPS, & more, for fast & reliable infrastructure delivery
  • Vertical Scaling-Autoscaling delivers seamless utility & billing structures – with complete automation for servers & VM’s with demanding enterprise applications
  • VIntegrated CDN-A multi-point presence provides access to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for video streaming, enterprise-based content & more
  • High Mobility Access-Manage & monitor your OnApp control panel on multiple devices and platforms like – Android & iOS

OnApp Cloud Deployment Process

The OnApp onboarding process is completed in four ways-

  • Configuration of your network
  • Configuration of your Server
  • Pulling Configuration Details
  • Raising an installation ticket followed by the actual installation

Network Configuration


Network separation is carried out with multiple switches for complete isolation with VLANs

  • Storage Infrastructure Setup – An extensive storage network provides connections for these VPS powered by KVM hypervisors & redundant local storage networks like Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network Management –The management network acts as the default gateway for incoming & outgoing servers with communication between hypervisors & other control panels with firewalls at the gateway to monitor incoming traffic
  • Provisioning Network-Mostly used for backup & template data transfer between primary storage devices and the provisioning server

Server Configuration

This deployment layer includes:


  • Control Server Configuration – for superior cloud performance & reliability
  • Backup Server Configuration – for storage of virtual machine snapshots, templates, transactions, processing, & backups of storage volumes – RAID configurations are recommended for greater storage, rather than considering redundancy
  • Hypervisor Server Configuration – Virtual machine configuration is set up to reserve resources like memory, disk space & CPU utilization for the OnApp engine
  • SAN Storage – Installation of SAN storage creates an elemental impact on primary storage and performance. Leverage exceptional flexibility, performance & stability with OnApp for primary storage with SAN technology
  • SSD for CDN- All content delivery networks (CDNs) should be backed by Solid State Devices (SSDs) for OnApp CDN

Configuration Handover

The installation process can only proceed if all the network & server configurations are complete

Why move to OnApp?

  • Seamless integration & automation over various levels, devices, & applications
  • Mitigation of Obsolete (Legacy) Systems
  • Feature-rich platform
  • Easy to use with no limitations on testing, deployment, configuration, & management
  • Affordable pricing & zero maintenance cost
  • Autoscaling
  • High Availability
  • Windows Support
  • WHMCS Billing Support


OnApp, a leading cloud management platform is specifically designed for infrastructure service providers with incredible capabilities for various platforms & technologies. Service providers can achieve complete automation to provide clients with throttling application performance & infrastructure delivery for virtual resources, user management, server extensions, & more for enhanced focus on business processes rather than technical maintenance.

Try this guide with our instant dedicated server for as low as 40 Euros