Multiple Domain Hosting On One Hosting Plan: How Does It Work

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If you own more than one website, there are two ways you can host them.

The first one is to purchase multiple hosting plans, one for each of your websites, and then manage them separately. This is a common way to host multiple domains but it is not without disadvantages.

For one, having multiple websites on different hosting plans can be costly. In addition, it can be a hassle trying to manage all of your websites because you will have to log in to separate control panels to manage them.

The second way is to host multiple websites using one hosting plan. This is a cheaper alternative to multiple domain hosting, and it allows you to manage all your websites from one control panel.

Let’s explore what multiple domain hosting is, and what are all of its benefits.

What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

multiple domain hosting

Multiple domain hosting is when you have multiple domains under a single hosting account plan.

The multiple websites are hosted on one server that you can access through a single control panel. This makes managing your sites a lot more convenient because you will not have to switch back and forth between servers and accounts to manage content.

And instead of having to buy a hosting plan for each one of your domains, you pay one price for a hosting plan that houses all of them.

However, not all hosting providers offer plans that allow for multiple domain hosting. You will need to find a provider offering a hosting package that allows multiple domain hosting.

Benefits of Hosting Multiple Domains On One Server

So, you may be wondering why you would even want to host multiple domain names on one server as opposed to having separate accounts for each domain name.

Below are 3 of the top benefits you can get from hosting multiple domain names on one server:

#1. Cost-Effective

The clearest benefit of hosting multiple domains on one server is that it will save you money.

Purchasing hosting plans for each of your domains can turn out to be costly.

However, with multiple domain hosting you can host all your domains under one server hosting plan. The number of domain names you can host depends on the plan you choose.

#2. Easier to Manage

With separate hosting plans you will have to go one by one to manage your websites and web content. But with multiple domain hosting you can just log in one time and then you can access all of your websites from one place.

With multiple domain hosting content management will be streamlined. By using a single control panel you can update the content of multiple websites simultaneously.

By simplifying website management you can save time. And as we all know, time is money.

#3. Simplified Scalability

As your business continues to expand, so will your hosting needs. By using multiple domain hosting you can scale up your websites simultaneously.

Having all of your websites stored on one server makes it easier to add resources to those areas that need them. This in turn will make sure your websites are able to accommodate growing traffic.

Challenges of Multiple Domain Hosting

While multiple domain hosting on one server is a great solution for hosting several websites on one hosting plan, it does come with a few challenges.

Below are some of the common challenges that may arise when using a multiple domain hosting plan:

#1. High Resource Usage

Since you will have multiple domains hosted on a single server, all of them will be using the same resources the server has to offer.

If there is a lot of traffic to all of your domains, then your sites will potentially not have enough resources to serve all visitors. This could result in performance issues and slow load times for all your websites.

In addition, if you have one website that drives lots of traffic, it can use up the resources that your other websites rely on. This means that one of your websites could affect the performance of the others.

#2. Compromising Security

Multiple domain hosting has the potential to compromise the security of not only one of your websites, but all of them.

Since you are hosting all your websites on a single server, if one site experiences a cyber attack, it means that all of them could suffer the consequences.

For example, in the event of a DDOS attack all of your sites will be bogged down. Or, if an attacker gains unauthorized access to your web hosting, they will in turn have access to all of your websites.

#3. Hosting Plan Limitations

If you are considering multiple domain hosting, it is extremely important to thoroughly vet the providers you are considering.

Some providers may have a limit to the number of domains you can host as well as the amount of bandwidth they can allocate to your hosting plan.

However, with due diligence you can find a provider that can mitigate all challenges of multiple domain hosting and provide you with an excellent hosting solution.

Features To Look For in Multiple Domain Hosting

There are some essential specifications that you should look out for when choosing a hosting plan for multiple domains. Listed below are 4 key features your provider should include in a multiple domain hosting plan:

  • Number of domains per plan: Some providers limit the number of domains on a plan and others allow an unlimited number. Make sure to analyze your needs and consider your future plans.
  • Unmetered bandwidth: All of your different domains using bandwidth will be lumped together. Check the bandwidth restrictions and opt for unmetered bandwidth to avoid bandwidth overage fees.
  • Upgradable storage: Each of your websites are going to take up space on the server. Check to see if the provider allows for storage upgrades in the event that you need more storage.
  • Managed hosting services: With a fully managed hosting service all of the problems that may arise with multiple domain hosting will be mitigated by your provider’s admin. This indispensable service will allow you to take full advantage of multiple domain hosting.

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Multiple Domain Hosting On One Hosting Plan: How Does It Work

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