Guide to Using a Dedicated Server for Video Streaming

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dedicated server for video streaming

As video streaming becomes more and more popular, businesses need to look for better ways to provide this type of content.

This is where dedicated servers for video streaming come in.

Yes, you can host your videos on external platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, but then you’ll always be bound to them. You’ll have zero control over what videos they recommend next to yours and your account can be shut down at any time.

Running your own IPTV dedicated server for video streaming will give you complete freedom to stream your content.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about dedicated servers for video streaming.

How Does Video Streaming Work?

Video streaming works by uploading content on web server hosting and streaming it via the internet. It is the most efficient way to access video content because you don’t actually download the entire video to watch it.

Instead, the video file you’re watching is kept on the remote server and is transmitted to your device bit by bit. This means that you can access it at any time, from any location, and without waiting, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Videos are usually streamed from the web server where the host’s website is already on, or using a content delivery network (CDN).

A CDN is made up of several servers in multiple global locations. It delivers content efficiently no matter where you’re located, and it takes the workload off the main server where the website is hosted.

Why Use a Dedicated Server for Video Streaming

Video streaming is resource-intensive. It requires a great deal of bandwidth, fast storage, and a reliable network. You get access to all of those resources and more with an IPTV dedicated server for video streaming.

Your video content will load faster thanks to high network speeds and a robust storage system, so viewers will rarely experience any downtime. High latency when streaming will become a thing of the past.

Dedicated servers are also more secure than other streaming servers. For example, shared servers and VPS hosting involve sharing resources with other users.

This makes you vulnerable to content leaks, hacks that can take down your streaming platform, and data theft. If data security is crucial to your business, dedicated server hosting is the only route you should take.

What to Look for in a Dedicated Server for Streaming

Not all bare-metal servers have equal performance. Let’s take a look at the most important features every bare metal server should have in order to be used for video streaming.

1. Unmetered Bandwidth

Streaming video content usually requires a massive amount of bandwidth. When content is uploaded or downloaded, it contributes to the bandwidth usage.

Opting for dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth is the most cost-effective solution.

With capped bandwidth, you have to estimate the amount of bandwidth you’re going to use every month. If your estimation is inaccurate, you will pay large fees for extra bandwidth. You won’t have to worry about this with an unmetered dedicated server.

2. 10Gbps Internet Connection

Video streaming involves transfer of high amounts of data between the host and the viewers. Not only that, but there can be thousands of viewers trying to stream a video at the same time. Your dedicated server for video streaming needs to have a fast network that can quickly deliver content to numerous viewers simultaneously without lag.

10Gbps dedicated servers are incredibly fast. They are ideal for video streaming because they provide low-latency connectivity, a high number of simultaneous downloads and uploads, and high data transfer speeds.

3. Server Location

The location of your dedicated server is as important as bandwidth and network speed. A server that is physically closer to the viewers will improve their loading speeds and reduce lag because data travels a shorter distance. The closer the server is to your client or viewer, the faster you can deliver your video content. As a result, this can increase your viewer retention rate.

4. High Uptime

Did you ever connect to an online service and it was unavailable? Did you go back to it instead of seeking an alternative? Probably not.

Server uptime is crucial for video streaming. That’s why you should seek a dedicated server for video streaming with the highest uptime available, and avoid losing viewers.

5. Fast CPU

The CPU in your dedicated server can impact the streaming speed of your service. As a general rule, to get the best streaming performance, you should look for a CPU with a high clock speed.

Who Needs an IPTV Dedicated Server for Video Streaming

When we talk about video streaming, we aren’t referring to platforms like Netflix only. Video content is increasingly popular and many businesses are starting to take advantage of it to educate their audience, promote their services, or simply provide entertainment.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the types of businesses that should use a dedicated server for video streaming.

1. Media and News Outlets

The Internet may have started out with sharing text documents, but video content is taking over with the number of online video viewers expected to reach over 3 billion by 2023. Online media outlets are increasingly relying on video content. They need to carefully consider the type of hosting they use otherwise the intense traffic might crash their site.

Dedicated servers are the perfect solution for media and news outlets to host their video content. That’s because they can be fully customized and can handle additional traffic when their content goes viral.

2. Gaming Streamers

Gaming streamers often switch to a dedicated server solution once they grow in popularity.

Games can run on powerful servers instead of your own PC at home and stream a live feed globally. To do this, you need powerful hardware and a fast network connection. A dedicated server can provide both.

3. Live Video Streamers

Speed is particularly important to live streamers. Live video content needs to be streamed as close to real-time as possible. After all, that’s the whole point of live streaming. If your viewers experience delays and latency, it can ruin your company’s reputation.

Using a dedicated server will provide the best live video streaming experience. Take full control of your bandwidth, networking infrastructure, and video quality with a dedicated server to fulfill your streaming needs.

4. Online School Platforms

More and more schools are launching virtual classrooms as online learning becomes more popular.

These platforms function like real classrooms. They allow teachers and tutors to educate and work with their students via the Internet. This is all thanks to dedicated servers.

A dedicated server with a high-speed connection and unlimited bandwidth can help schools stream their classes globally.

Dedicated Servers for IPTV Streaming

IPTV is the most common type of video streaming that dedicated servers are used for. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which simply means television content delivered over the internet.

The difference between traditional TV and IPTV is that standard television content is delivered via cable, satellite, or fibre-optic connection, while IPTV is exclusively streamed over an internet connection.

Delivering IPTV content from streaming providers to viewers is enabled by streaming servers. Television content is firstly stored on the IPTV providers’ streaming server. Then, when a viewer wants to access the IPTV content, the streaming server encodes the content and sends it over the internet to their personal device.

There are multiple reasons why dedicated servers are optimal for IPTV streaming:

  • Storing IPTV content. IPTV files are typically large in size, and require enterprise storage systems. Dedicated servers usually have the option of using RAID storage systems. And because dedicated servers are easily upgradeable, you can always get more storage in just a few clicks and accommodate your growing IPTV content collection.
  • Encoding IPTV content. To deliver IPTV content to viewers, it needs to be encoded in data packets, which takes lots of computing power. Dedicated servers are the most powerful hosting solution, because the hardware inside of them is fully dedicated to you. That’s why they are the #1 choice for IPTV streaming.
  • Delivering IPTV content. After IPTV content is encoded, it is sent over an internet connection to the viewers. To send large files, you’ll need a fast internet connection and lots of bandwidth. Dedicated hosting providers offer fast 10Gbps internet ports and unmetered bandwidth, which makes dedicated servers optimal for streaming IPTV content.

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Dedicated Server for Video Streaming FAQ

#1. What is video streaming hosting?

Video streaming hosting is the technology that allows businesses to broadcast their video content online without viewers having to download any files.

That said, video files are large and streaming them becomes demanding on the infrastructure. Dedicated video hosting solves that problem because it gives you the bandwidth, high-speed connectivity, and premium storage you need.

#2. How much does a video streaming dedicated server cost?

The cost of a dedicated server for video streaming starts at around $100/month. You can also purchase various upgrades to more powerful hardware and get different add-ons for small additional fees. Dedicated servers are highly customizable, which allows you to optimize the server’s performance and get the most value from your budget.

#3. Do dedicated servers have restrictions on streaming content?

Streaming content is not restricted in any way by the server provider. Restrictions depend entirely on the country where the server is located. However, to avoid geo-blocks and other types of local streaming content restrictions, you can choose in which location to get a server from.

#4. What type of server is best for video streaming?

Due to the size of video files and number of streamers, you need a dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth and fast 5Gbps or 10Gbps connectivity. This way you’ll be able to stream your content to a large audience without delays and service interruptions.

Key Takeaways

By now, you probably have a basic understanding of why dedicated servers are optimal for video streaming. Let’s recap the most important points:

  • Video streaming enables you to watch video content without downloading any files on your device.
  • You should use a dedicated server for video streaming because they ensure reliability, constant performance, flexible bandwidth, and the speed needed to enjoy on-demand content.
  • When you choose a dedicated server for video streaming, look for:
    • Unmetered bandwidth
    • 10Gbps internet connection
    • High server uptime
    • Powerful hardware components.
  • Unmetered dedicated servers are most useful for:
    • Media and news outlets
    • Gaming streamers
    • Live video streamers
    • Online teaching and tutoring platforms
  • Dedicated servers are optimal for IPTV streaming, because they have enterprise storage systems, high computing power, and a fast internet connection. All of this allows for smooth IPTV content streaming.

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Try this guide with our instant dedicated server for as low as 40 Euros