5 Essential Dedicated Server Benefits For 2021

Dedicated Server Benefits

Is your website performing slower than ever?

Do your users experience a lot of lag and delay?

Chances are, you need to upgrade your hosting to a dedicated server.

When getting started, most people & companies use shared hosting to start their new website. Meaning, they’re using a server shared by 100+ other websites or applications.

This, as you can guess, can seriously drain the server’s resources, leading to slower load speeds for your visitors.

While shared hosting is perfect for smaller websites, if you want to scale your website or business, you’ll have to upgrade to dedicated hosting.

In this article, we’re going to cover 5 essential dedicated server benefits & help you choose the right server for your business.

5 Dedicated Server Benefits

#1. Exclusive Use Of Server Resources

As we mentioned before, when using shared hosting, you’re sharing server resources with hundreds of other websites.

This is not the case with dedicated servers, however.

The server belongs to you entirely, allowing you to use or customize it any way you want.

For example, you’ll see that during peak traffic times, your website still performs extremely well. If you were using shared hosting, though, this would overwhelm the server and cause slower performance for all the hosted websites.

Or, you can customize the server hardware and software to your specific needs, allowing for faster loading time and better security.

#2. Easier Scalability

Dedicated server hosting allows you to scale your business and infrastructure.

As your website grows and starts driving more traffic, you can simply upgrade your server infrastructure to allow for more concurrent users.

Upgrading your GPU, RAM, or adding a larger hard drive can be done with ease with very low server downtime.

In addition, you can also add new applications and services to your dedicated server when needed.

#3. Better Reliability and Performance

Dedicated servers perform significantly better than any other type of web hosting.

When compared to shared hosting, for example, you’ll see that dedicated hosting offers:

  1. Significantly faster performance. Your website will offer stellar loading speed and user experience even during peak traffic hours.
  2. Fewer server crashes. Shared hosting servers tend to crash when there’s too much traffic on any of the websites they’re hosting, leading to a bad user experience for everyone on the server. If you’re using dedicated server hosting, though, you can ensure a near 100% uptime.

#4. Improved Security

Another dedicated server benefit is significantly better security.

For one, you get complete access to your security configuration:

  • Control over security. Your team gets complete access to all server logs, firewalls, security software, and the like.
  • Denial of service (DDoS) prevention. Your dedicated server is separated from all other servers owned by the hosting provider. Meaning, even if they’re getting DDoS’d, your website won’t be impacted.

This improved security allows you to protect your website, your data, and your customer’s data (which is especially important if your website handles transactions).

#5. Flexible Pricing

Depending on your needs, you have the option to either rent or buy a dedicated server. Both of these offer specific benefits and different pricing, allowing you to make the pick that works for you.

Here’s how the two options differ:

Dedicated Server Benefits

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How to Pick a Dedicated Server Provider? 4 Things to Look Out For

Now that we’ve covered all the dedicated server benefits, you’re probably wondering which dedicated server provider to pick.

Here are some of our tips on picking the best dedicated server provider for any type of website:

  • Define your use-case. If you need a dedicated server to run a video game server, you’d need less processing power than if you want to host a SaaS website with thousands of concurrent users.
  • Define your performance requirements. Then, depending on your use-case, define your requirements. How many concurrent users do you expect on your server? How CPU, memory, or disk-intensive would the traffic be? Then, ask a dedicated server provider for a quote for a server that would be able to handle such traffic.
  • Pick a provider with 24/7 support. If something goes wrong with your servers, you want to be able to reach out to your hosting provider and get it solved ASAP (or you’re risking new users or potential revenue). As such, a 24/7 support line is very important.
  • Pick the right server location. If your users are from Europe, for example, you’re better off picking a dedicated server located in Europe.

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