7 Reasons To Pick a Dedicated Hosting Server

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A dedicated hosting service is a conventional method of hosting where the user buys a dedicated server from a hosting service provider and pays a fixed amount for the services provided irrespective of its usage. Dedicated servers are maintained for the sole usage by the business that hires the server. The service covers dedicated server network, hardware, power connectivity, and a fixed maximum amount of computing resources available. In it, the hosting provider is responsible for managing and maintaining the facilities.

Now, let us understand why your website must opt for dedicated hosting servers. Here are seven reasons to support this –

1. Hassle-free Maintenance

Dedicated hosting server packages cover round the clock support and maintenance that helps address all IT issues. With a dedicated hosting server, your tech team will not be required to invest a considerable amount of time in performing different server maintenance tasks such as updating anti-virus protection and managing local service updates. Instead, your IT team can utilize the buffer time to work on their core responsibilities, such as planning and executing IT policies.

2. Administrative powers

You ‘won’t usually have administrative access and control in a shared hosting environment. Choosing to purchase a dedicated hosting server for your business grants, you root access and permits you to install applications and custom configurations. With administrative control, you can further monitor your server usage in order to detect possible issues before they harm your website.

3. Increased security

As a virtue of using a dedicated hosting environment, nobody else besides your company will have access to your server and operating system. Since there’s no sharing involved, a poorly configured application of some other renter does not jeopardize your security. No one else can log in to your dedicated server except of course the authorized service provider. This means you further reduce the risk of cyber-attacks that target other shared hosting websites. This is particularly important if your business handles sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.

dedicated hosting provides increased security

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4. Scalability and Flexibility

By investing in dedicated hosting servers, you can control system configurations, which allows you to upgrade your server space to meet the growing needs of your business as your company grows. It provides you the flexibility of customizing your website server to meet the requirements for RAM, CPU, software, and disc space. This can be done without having to migrate to a new server or a server host.

5. Unique IP address

Businesses opting for a shared hosting server, have to share the same IP address. This can result in several problems such as a website getting blacklisted on a shared server affects the rankings for other websites on the server. But websites hosted on a dedicated server gets their own unique IP address. This means that you won’t have to worry about the actions of another user potentially blacklisting the IP address of your website. The unique IP address that comes with dedicated hosting servers provides a unique identity to your business and also boosts your organization’s reputation.

6. Reliability and performance

Shared hosting is reliable, but dedicated servers are usually incredibly reliable. This is because you don’t have to be concerned about other users or websites utilizing your bandwidth for when you need it. It also makes the crashing of servers more unlikely and empowers your website to meet the demands of high volumes of traffic. Companies investing in a dedicated hosting server do not have to share resources with other websites. This boosts their performance and helps manage traffic better moreover if the business has full control over the resources and factors such as advertisements, browser compatibility, and images that impact website performance.

7. Reduced costs

The hosting service provider is responsible for maintaining and managing your hardware upgrades and its connectivity; hence, the cost of operation execution on dedicated services is much lesser when compared with in-house server installation. Also, in a dedicated hosting system, you do not have to pay for the entire server space or a full-time service administrator; you simply pay for the facilities you utilize. Using dedicated hosting can, therefore, become a low-cost way of obtaining the resources and manage the expense of developing and maintaining the equipment, which in turn improves your return on investment.

In summary, if you value performance, an advantageous price-to-performance ratio with increased security, and greater control then dedicated servers may well be the right choice for your website. The enhanced reliability it offers can optimize the performance level instantly. This means that it loads faster than ever to ensure 100% uptime and customer satisfaction. This also signifies excellent value for money and investment.

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