How to choose the right dedicated server-hosting provider


In this digital age, in order for you to run a successful business and create a large customer, an online presence is very vital. If you have a good website, with a user-friendly and appealing interface, it can be conducive for you to attract customer traffic and build brand recall. However, just making a website attractive and user-friendly is not all, as for it to go live and gain visibility; you need a proficient website hosting service provider. Therefore, for you to choose the right service provider for your website there are various things you need to keep in mind.

Before discussing further the same, you should first comprehend the types of website hosting services, for you to get a better understanding of what you would need for your business.

Shared hosting is an elementary level service, which can be of use to small businesses that have not made it big in the online space yet and thus, do not anticipate profuse online traffic. In Shared hosting, several customers and several websites happen to use the same server.

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a much faster option as a server is divided into independent virtual servers that handle your website individually. This happens to be more secure and flexible as compared to shared hosting, thus improving the performance.

The Dedicated server provider as its name suggests, would have an entire server dedicated only to your websites and applications. This provides you with maximum security and access to ace hardware with high service support. A few of the many benefits of a dedicated server provider would be the provision of unlimited storage, the high scope of customization, and high speed. The performance of a dedicated server would be superlative and first-rate, which is why it is also the most expensive. This is mostly used for bigger websites, social media, online shopping portals, etc. since they attract colossal traffic and need to be free from congestion.

Why Would You Need a Dedicated Server and What Are the Factors That You Should Consider?

As previously discussed, a dedicated server is the best option amongst the three types of servers as it has a vast range of benefits and great performance. Moreover, the storage provision and hardware is ace level as you pay more for the value that you get in return. If you happen to have a growing and flourishing business, your website handling should also be just as formidable as the service and product you offer. With a dedicated server, you are not sharing performance, speed, and webspace as the entire server belongs to you. It gives you cent percent customization liberty and control so you can handle and mold things just in accordance with your preferences. Therefore, to handle a great lot of website traffic you attract on your site, without congestion and minimal downtimes, a dedicated server is the best option.

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Now, let us throw light on the things you should keep in mind in order to select the best-dedicated server hosting provider for your website:

Security – Privacy and data confidentiality is a basic need when you are carrying out business operations. You cannot afford legal issues and anything that would put your brand name in jeopardy in case of data breaches, which is why maximum security and privacy should be ensured on the server. Therefore, while making a decision on subscribing to a server, you must evaluate and be sure that the security provision is maximum. For you to rate the security level of the servers, you must consider the location and physical security across the data centers.

Hardware choice – The hardware choice is one of the most crucial choices as it is the determinant of the performance and capabilities of your website. Purchasing a dedicated server can be a very costly decision, so you must make sure to research the hardware specifications and be well aware of various features, which come with the same. The specifications of your hardware include the RAM, disk space, managing capacity of bandwidth, etc.

Control and customization – Since you are paying for an entire dedicated system for your website, you must make sure that you have full control over it. You should be able to have the liberty of full customization for the same as there are certain providers who sell you their service claiming they have dedicated an entire system for you but you still unknowingly share webspace on the server with a few others. This would affect the website performance and to avoid this, you must ensure you have full control and you are free to customize anything in accordance with your preferences.

Control panel options  – The control panel should be very user-friendly equipped with all necessary features and functions, as it is the backing to your server. You cannot always rely on customer care service for every petty issue you happen to face, so it is very vital to consider this factor when purchasing a server.

Server configuration – For you to have easy and better access to the server configuration system, establishing SSH or RDP access is imperative. Moreover, since you have purchased the dedicated type of server, having entire control over the server system is vital.

Server management – In order to make things simpler and to avoid complexities, you must look out for features and services like application installations, operating system updates, and server monitoring. This would help you to run your website in a smoother manner and will save you from a whole lot of criticalities.

Budget – Although dedicated servers are more expensive than the other types of hosting, you should look for a provider that does justice to the price you are paying with great value. On a usual basis, when you choose a dedicated server provider, you are given many additional benefits, which prove conducive to the overall running of your website. Therefore, you can always look for more value at a comparatively less price.

Customer Feedback – In order for you to make a well-informed purchase, customer reviews become very imperative. The customers who have actually used the service will be the best judge for the service and their reviews can help you decide whether the hosting service can be the best for you or not.

Support and assistance – Customer care and technical assistance should be reachable at all times. In case of any issue, it should not get you stuck because of the slow response time from the assistance team. Moreover, also make sure that the support and assistance can be reached through call as well as email. If you can only reach them through mail then it will be very time-consuming.

Performance and specifications – With the help of customer reviews, you will be able to get a fair idea about the performance of the hosting service but you should also look for technical specifications. These would include disk space, storage, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. This information happens to be very vital for you to be aware of before subscribing to the service.

External affiliations – Most web hosting companies have a WordPress affiliation and let you install the same with a single click. This is a very important feature so if you see that the hosting service has it, then it would be very helpful.

Dependency and Reliability– The performance of the service should be such that you should never see a day when your website is down as it can result in business loss and have a negative impact on the customers. So, ensure that the hosting company is very reliable and dependable so that you do not experience downtimes.

Comprehensively, when choosing a hosting service, make sure you see they are reliable, dependable, giving you full control over the server with the freedom of full customization, has an adept assistance team and the customer reviews are positive.