When Support Meets Profit: A Curious Case of VPS Hosting Services


Backdrop of the Project

Marketing is no longer a want for businesses; it is a need, a dire one, especially in the era of digital competition with its fierce nature. With businesses competing on the scale of quality of products/services, prices, and time, they still fall short to achieve the loyalty of their customers.
Enter loyalty programs!
Coupons | Free Membership | Premium Subscription | Discounts | Deals and whatnot!
Loyalty programs have disrupted traditional marketing for the better. With reward points, loyalty points, and deals disbursed for repeated buying from a brand, it wont be exaggeration to say that loyalty points are the new centralised virtual cash.
Now imaging managing 110+ million members and their loyalties. Thats the volume of workload our client had been managing, being one of Indias largest loyalty program companies. Loyalty programs did work well for our client and he successfully partnered with multiple partners to help end users redeem their loyalty. As the number of members grew, challenges pertaining to offering a seamless customer experience grew as well, leading our client to rethink their hosting needs.

Roadblocks in the Path

Loyalty program was the primary stream of revenue for our client. Hence, it was extremely important for any technology partner to keep the stream unblocked and wide with seamless end-user experience.
While our client was previously associated with a bigshot hosting company, they faced this challenge to manage VPS nodes. The challenge would have been managed had it only been restricted to VPS hosting services. However, secondary side effects surfaced including, reduction in page-load speed, security concerns, accessibility issues, and, in turn, affordability.
As a result, our client switched his VPS hosting service partner to RedSwitches for better value for his technical investments.

Our Solution

Moving from a pioneer hosting company was a tough call for our clients. Hence, they wanted to be sure about their decision while choosing RedSwitches for managed VPS hosting services. In order to showcase our abilities, we began with a Proof of Concept for our VPS managed hosting services, wherein we built a small cluster using a web server as well as a database server.
Our efforts were out there, the results were on the table, and we had a responsive support team. Analysing all these values from our end, RedSwitch emerged as an ideal hosting partner for our client.
But there was more work to do than celebrating the onboarding of our client. We immediately got on to work and strategically deployed our bare-metal servers at two geographical locations through a Cloud load balancer, DNS management service, and backup service.
That day and today, our relentless zeal to go an extra mile and personalised support has been a great value addition for our clients target audience and their web-based experience.
The result?
Conversions in large volumes.

Business Benefits

The results we promised were delivered and on time.
While it is very rare for an IT company to claim time over their efforts, our calculations were precise. On top of that, we provided a dedicated account manager, who could address their woes in record time, with utmost efforts, and personalised support. The customised roadmapping of our next action plans helped our client make well-informed decisions w.r.t the campaign management.
The campaign management team could create multiple campaigns through our managed VPS hosting services and push these programs to their members without a halt.

What they say now

Rishabh (Campaign Manager)
Big companies have expertise, but they lack time. Time and support were the exact need of hours for our loyalty program management company, when we were struggling with the hosting. I could now say for sure that moving our hosting with managed IaaS services from RedSwitches proved to be a game-changing decision for us. The dedicated account manager from Team RedSwitch broadened the game for us with new yet practical possibilities and timely execution.
Nikhil (Head - Campaigns)
Having been entrusted with the responsibility to satisfy 110+ Mn members, we felt responsible towards our end users. For us, support from our vendors was everything we needed to stay successful in our niche and Team RedSwitch has proved their mettle.
While we were desperately looking for a hosting vendor, we got to know about RedsSwitch through a close friend of ours. After looking at their background and talking with their existing clients, it was easy for us to trust them.
And, it wasnt even a one-time discipline that faded. The support was relentless to our surprise and its been two years working with them now. They still leave no stones unturned to impress us with their capabilities and support to align with our scaling ambitions.
Oops! Did we mention? We currently have 400k active users on the portal with a 0.5% conversion rate. Thanks Team RedSwitch for making this possible!
PS: They have 400k active users on the portal and they have 0.5% conversion

You Can count on us!

Thats Why RedSwitches Customers Know That They Can Count On Us To Provide The Best And Most Attentive Service In The Hosting Industry– Because Without Their Success, We Dont Succeed.