Our Managed Servers with Cloud Computing Helps our Client Scale at Ease


Backdrop of the Project

If we ask our users, what do they see more on their smartphones and devices, the usual answer would include the names of leading messengers, social media apps, videos, and more. But dont you think, ads are served more than the content for that matter?
Welcome to the digital age, where ads are everywhere.
One of our clients, ZinkAds, hails from the same business. ZinkAds is an advanced DSP designing firm that reads the psychology behind the human mind and helps the advertiser improve their conversion rate.


Given the rising competition in the field, user experience is of utmost importance. As a result, our client aspired for an infrastructure with low latency, high bandwidth, and high computation speed for supporting real-time bidding among the demand- and supply partners.
In order to carry out the bidding process in a seamless manner, the bidding had to take place at a geographically close location to the auction sites. In addition to this, the connectivity has to be unparalleled to save our client from paying up for an ad but not being able to charge his client, which would put a hole in our clients pocket.

Our Solution

To begin with, we requested access to the platform and analysed it to understand the operations. After the initial assessment, we created POC for two small servers with the Node.js clustering testing abilities.
After our POC turned out to be successful, our next plan of action was to deploy six powerful AMD machines as a cluster for serving the ads.
We developed the environment to underpin scalability to the private cloud infrastructure. This private cloud infrastructure could be scaled at any point in time just with the addition of a new server.
After the deployment, we undertook the monitoring, backup, and management of the infrastructure.

Business Benefits

Using our managed servers and cloud computing capabilities, the client was able to carry out the migration with the best turnaround time. In addition to this, the ease to scalability through the addition of servers enabled our client to get onboard as many clients as he wants.
Thats about the deployment part.
Our client is still receiving the support and maintenance from our technical team besides our specialisation in managed servers. Our team is constantly monitoring the health of the servers and sharing reports and analysing the further tangents to growth.

Comments from our Client

CTO at ZinkAds
To be able to come out of the chaotic cloud infrastructure to a well-organised one with scaling abilities is just unthinkable for us. But with the help of RedSwitches managed server, it became possible.
Today, we have been able to cater to the requirements of millions of users at the same time, while keeping the billing in check and our capital optimised for the right processes. Thanks team Redswitches!”
Nikhil (Head - Campaigns)
The kind of work we do requires a lot of support from the vendors we deal with and RS has done that job perfectly for us in the last 2 years.
We got to know about RS through the close reference and decided to give them a try after discussing with a few of their existing clients. It is always easy to trust someone your peers are already working with.
To our surprise, they have been really fast in their support and the team was available round the clock. We have managed to scale with them since and are really happy to share our future journey as well.
PS: They have 400k active users on the portal and they have 0.5% conversion

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