Hinduja Tech Gets it Ideal Data Management Service Provider


Backdrop of the Project

Working with the best in the industry requires us to deliver the best we can. Working with Hinduja Tech was a similar experience. What matters is, the premier engineering and digital technologies service company realised its set goals by partnering with RedSwitches.
Talking about Hinduja Tech, the service provider prioritises focus on the automotive manufacturing industry with a global delivery model to its core. Through decades of inherited expertise in automotive product development, deeply rooted in their DNA, the company offers an end-to-end vehicle and powertrain development services from a raw idea to SOP.


Given the complexity of the processes, technology has emerged as an obvious solution. In order to implement automation in the automotive processes,
Hinduja Tech was seeking an ideal technology partner to assist them in scaling and management. Given the uncertainties around the cloud computing bubble, the technology heads struggled to work with Google Cloud Platform. Since GCP provides a suite of services for cloud computing, right from data management, delivery of web/video, and ML tools, it was difficult for our client to run multiple errands and derive efficiency across the cloud computing aspects.

Our Solution

Following our tradition to deliver not an inch less than perfection, RedSwitches emerged as an ideal server provider for our client for data management. The leaders at Hinduja Tech saw the capabilities of RedSwitches in the form of data management, super-responsive support, low latency, and best-in-class hardware.
We began with the requirement analysis and started with the staging server. Gradually, we moved to the other aspects and ultimately, we are powering the end-to-end CRM suite for Hinduja Tech using our state-of-the-art infrastructure.
In addition to promoting the CRM suite, our data management solution also includes high-availability clusters, load balancing, dedicated hardware firewall, and snapshot backup. Besides this, we also ensured the security of their systems using CDN for enhanced security features.

Business Benefits

As soon as we completed the onboarding process with Hinduja Tech, we extended our personalised support and offered a dedicated technical account manager for seamless transaction of communication and expertise. Our clients could run their campaigns in a hassle-free manner and enjoy the acute rise in their revenues.
Our customised solutions enabled our clients to generate better reports, thereby channelising better and well-informed decisions their way in the long run. Besides offering them the ability to make decisions, they were also able to reduce their overheads.

Comments from our Client

Technologist at Hinduja Tech
As the number of our processes amplified, so did the challenges in the way and we started rethinking our approach. Partnering with a dedicated technology partner was the need of the hour for us. RedSwitches helped us resolve our existing queries and prepare for the future in the best possible manner with their super-responsive support.
Nikhil (Head - Campaigns)
The kind of work we do requires a lot of support from the vendors we deal with and RS has done that job perfectly for us in the last 2 years.
We got to know about RS through the close reference and decided to give them a try after discussing with a few of their existing clients. It is always easy to trust someone your peers are already working with.
To our surprise, they have been really fast in their support and the team was available round the clock. We have managed to scale with them since and are really happy to share our future journey as well.
PS: They have 400k active users on the portal and they have 0.5% conversion

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