Charting a Course of Cost-effectiveness, away from tekri lAWS


Backdrop of the Project

COVID-19 has changed the facet of the education industry for the better. While the physical education impart is a aaing system has its limitations, digital education has become the new normal. As a result, there has been an acute rise in the number of eLearning solutions providers looking at turning their innovation capabilities into bottom lines.
One of our clients, in turn, predicted the opportunities held by the eLearning industry way before the pandemic and launched an assessment and eLearning platform.
The underlying mission behind the launch of the modern learning and assessment solution is to empower brick-and-mortar educational institutes, students, universities, corporates, and retailers, among others, to realize their true growth potential. However, the noble thought soon turned into an interesting case to brainstorm.
Read on about the challenges faced by our client!

Key Challenges to Address

As the growth of the assessment and eLearning platform skyrocketed, the platform was actively used by many students, schools, universities, colleges, corporate training centers, and more. Hence, our client found a block to scale their business as a significant chunk of the capital went towards the hosting bills.
To add the intensity to the existing challenge, our client had to spend extravagantly on infrastructure management, which dried up their profit lines to a great extent. While our client was able to facilitate a seamless customer experience using the solution, the growth and scalability of the platform were no easy milestones to achieve.
Our client had to make frequent investments towards purchasing new hardware and data centers; eventually, the investment intended towards creating a value proposition for end users went into the technicalities of hardware maintenance and management.

Our Solution

Acknowledging our expertise in managing cloud hosting and providing dedicated server solutions, our client trusted RedSwitches with our managed bare-metal dedicated servers . We thoroughly analyzed the requirements and challenges encountered by this assessment and eLearning leader-in-making and selected our best infrastructure engineers to offset the issue.

Since scalability and growth were the need of the hour for our client, we developed a high availability cluster using a managed bare-metal dedicated server, to boost the potential of their eLearning platform. As our infrastructure engineers employed groups of servers, supporting different services and applications, our client was able to reduce the downtime and improve reliability of the platform.

We leveraged managed bare-metal dedicated servers, thereby unlocking high-availability VMware virtualization for our client to work with a business-first intensity. Our infrastructure engineers undertook the infrastructure setup and management with our affordable dedicated servers with the best performance quotient.

Business Outcomes

While it felt like a big step for our client to move past AWS to RedSwitches managed dedicated server, the results our infrastructure engineers delivered spoke highly about our specialization server technology.
Through the adoption of our hosting and server management services, our client saw a sharp reduction in overall expenditure by 30%. When technicalities consumed relatively lesser capital, the overhead cost that was passed on to end users could be now contained.
As a result, our client regained a competitive edge over the price with our fixed and affordable server prices without any extra server management cost and stress about migration.

Comments shared by Our Client

Anil kumar (Co-founder)

Its been over a year since we moved our chaotic infrastructure with RedSwitches managed bare-metal dedicated servers. Trust me, this wasnt an easy decision to make to move from the best hosting company to a lesser-known managed service provider. We were hesitant at first to let these guys work on our project. However, their portfolio and references spoke highly about their dedication.

Eventually, we were all in with RedSwitches and decided to switch.
Since then, it has been an amazing experience to work with RedSwitches. The support staff is really responsive and on their marks to go an extra mile to help us.
Now, RedSwitches is an integral part of our journey and is working closer than ever with us. We plan together and then put this plan into execution. It does not only help us plan better but also enables us to curb overheads and overpower our competitors in the market.
Nikhil (Head - Campaigns)
The kind of work we do requires a lot of support from the vendors we deal with and RS has done that job perfectly for us in the last 2 years.
We got to know about RS through the close reference and decided to give them a try after discussing with a few of their existing clients. It is always easy to trust someone your peers are already working with.
To our surprise, they have been really fast in their support and the team was available round the clock. We have managed to scale with them since and are really happy to share our future journey as well.
PS: They have 400k active users on the portal and they have 0.5% conversion

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