An Online Mock Test Portal Receives a Cost-effective and Efficient Dedicated Server


Backdrop of the Project

There is no default mode to impart or receive education. However, COVID-19 has changed the mere definition of education and the way it is shared. Tablets and smartphones are fast-replacing the traditional books with apps, videos, and media at students disposal. But thats not it.
Other than the education sector, even the way competitive exams have been carried out have been disrupted. While the pen and paper mode was quite prevalent, the online examinations and assessments are getting the popularity they deserve with the ease to students to appear for them from any corner of the world.
In order to assist such students, one of our clients, Hranker, launched a platform that helped students take mock tests by constantly updating their test series repository and providing with the best mock tests for students to stay confident before the ultimate exam.


Scaling a business comes at a cost. The same cost was to be paid by our client with his then managed service provider. Now, being a startup with an aspiration to be an enterprise would mean gradually increasing your capital investment. And with a huge expense upfront for managed service translates into limited resources for other important tasks.
As a result, cost-efficiency was the key challenge faced by our client in their aspirations to grow with more aspirants and deliver the best services possible.

Our Solution

After analysing their mock test platform, we identified that it had the capacity to seat nearly 100 visitors per day. As a result, we devised a plan for the management and scaling of their existing infrastructure.
We employed a dedicated server using cPanel into their platform. In addition to this, we deployed their data, handled the maintenance, and monitored the server performances.
Besides offering the capacity to scale with our dedicated server, the entire infrastructure and its maintenance was under the estimated budget, which delighted our client the most.

Business Benefits

With our on-demand support and expertise in dedicated server management, we offered consultation to our client about his industry and helped him garner the required scale. Post the deployment of our services, our client was able to take his number of concurrent users from 100 per day to 2000 per day.
In addition to this, our client was able to save his overheads by 30% through the implementation of our dedicated server.

Comments from our Client

Mridul Mehta (Founder)
Your server is readyI read this message within 30 mins of starting the chat with their Sales Team. Their acquisition style was quite different! They offered me solutions for my problems rather than just selling me a server and making me look like a buyer. Their offering was too good and that ultimately converted me. Since this was my first experience I was a bit sceptical but they earned my trust within a matter of time.
We run an Online Exam Portal and uptime is crucial for us. I wanted to migrate the data on Sunday, so RedSwitches arranged 2-3 engineers to help us throughout the deployment. Its been the second month and I am very happy with their service. Excellent DELL Hardware and 100% Uptime. Their ticket responses are quite fast (faster than Whatsapp). All the best to the team and hope to be associated with you for a longer period of time.
Nikhil (Head - Campaigns)
The kind of work we do requires a lot of support from the vendors we deal with and RS has done that job perfectly for us in the last 2 years.
We got to know about RS through the close reference and decided to give them a try after discussing with a few of their existing clients. It is always easy to trust someone your peers are already working with.
To our surprise, they have been really fast in their support and the team was available round the clock. We have managed to scale with them since and are really happy to share our future journey as well.
PS: They have 400k active users on the portal and they have 0.5% conversion

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