4 Reasons Cloud Computing is Inevitable for A New Age Startups

Shraddha Singh

Feb 18, 2020

Cloud hosting is an internet-driven technology that is financed on-demand. The cloud hosting platforms are decentralized.

Hence its users need to pay only for the resources that are being consumed instead of the amount that is given statically.

It works upon an extended network of underlying servers that implements seamless access for data that are combined so that it could perform the required function.

Cloud hosting provides services such as scalability, flexibility, and reliability for an unmatched powerful utilization of the resources. It can bring data closer to the user by leveraging new generation content delivery solutions.

Cloud hosting websites are highly reliable as the cloud makes automatic backup of the sites that are being visited. It also offers load-balanced servers that can be used to manage and balance the heavy website traffic.

The cloud has been playing a very important role in every industry. One of the most significant ways that cloud technology is transforming businesses is by enhancing the versatility and scalability of content delivery and online commerce.

Between 2015 and 2020, the demand for cloud services has nearly tripled in its value. Since the cloud has proved to be a much more cost-efficient solution for storing data, by the end of 2020, it is predicted to be worth more than $411 billion.

The cloud hosting provides some great advantages, which makes it highly essential for the new generation.

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Here are some of the biggest reasons startups & organizations are increasingly using the cloud for website hosting -

  1. Extensive scalability

Scalability is one of the most significant benefits of cloud hosting. The cloud provides a seemingly infinite number of systems and machines for it all to connect and function as a single, centralized data server.

Any data for an application can be distributed across various discs; this makes it considerably simpler for organizations to expand storage space.

  1. Expediting service delivery

Cloud hosting supports organizations to deliver services much more quickly by concurrently utilizing multiple servers at once. A significant benefit for many organizations is the improved turnaround times for cloud service delivery.

Another advantage is decreasing operational costs.  The cloud application can share data across different servers; Hence, there is a minimal risk for any individual server to exceed its capacity.

  1. Guarantees High Uptime

The average up-time of every website is 99.03%, according to the data from Pingdom. This means that the uptime is even lower for websites that do not use cloud hosting services. Because downtime is never an issue for websites using cloud hosting.

For even the most affordable and cheapest cloud hosting services, the average uptime is around 99.99%.

This indicates that a website based on the cloud will only have a downtime of approximately 52 minutes and 32 seconds over the course of an entire year.

  1. More Affordable Hosting Expenses for Small Scale Projects

The logistics of cloud hosting varies from dedicated or shared hosting options. Since the cloud hosting provider offers way more resources for data allocation, they are also able to provide enormously cheaper pricing for smaller websites.

Though there remains a strong debate about the cost-effectiveness of using cloud computing, many experts agree that cloud services are intrinsically way more efficient and affordable. 

Conclusion - 

To conclude, we can say that the ever-evolving cloud market is always challenging for everyone. It is also challenging to shift from an in-house built network system to a virtual private system or cloud networks, Especially when user piracy and in-house data security are the biggest concerns for businesses.

Hence it is beneficial for companies to start with the trial version to test and implement cloud computing in their business process and system. Many cloud vendors allow businesses to test specific programs and applications.

And if the cloud computing results are great, then you can entirely move your business and run it through cloud computing. 

To know more about optimizing your cloud hosting performance for your business, contact us today to help you out with your cloud, hosting, and security needs.


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